14 Remarkable Butterfly Tattoos For Women To Try

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creations of God on this planet. They are not only beautiful but innocent as well. The transformation of a butterfly from a tiny caterpillar to an adult butterfly signifies the cycle of birth and how we become tough, mature adults from small, innocent children. 

A butterfly is a very magical creature that symbolizes resilience, patience, feminity, and love. So, they are ideal tattoos to be inked on our bodies. A butterfly tattoo looks breathtakingly gorgeous, representing a woman’s beauty in the best possible way.

Are you amazed by the butterfly and are looking to get its tattoo? Our guide is going to help you in this case. We have curated 14 unique tattoos that will perfectly define your style. So, grab your cup of coffee and read on!

Mandala Moth Back Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 1

The Mandala tattoo looks as pretty as a picture. It shows moths also, and they look cute with their butterfly companions. It is better to get this design as simple because it looks splendid in simplicity too. The open spaces enhance the design even more along with the four butterfly buddies. 

Hypnotic Butterfly Pattern

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 2

This tattoo is placed on the inner bicep and is very beautiful. This design is quite simple yet leaves an impression in the eyes of everyone. The design has a yellow butterfly with watery and smokey waves, making it captivating. The hypnotic butterfly pattern is such a unique design that you can’t resist getting it.  

PS: If you want to get a tattoo that you won’t regret then make sure you get inked by a renowned tattoo artist. 

Two Happy Little Butterflies

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 3

If you are a minimalist lover, this design is for you. In this, two happy butterflies are crafted with solid black ink. See how there is no shading in the design, which makes it appealing to the eyes. These happy butterflies tattoo is a sign of positivity and happiness in one’s life. 

Forearm Twin Butterflies Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 4

The positioning of this forearm butterfly tattoo is as alluring as the tattoo itself. Here in this tattoo, the bigger butterfly’s half side is inside the forearm. The smaller butterfly is near the elbow. The design looks enticing and gives an elegant touch to you. 

Butterfly Tattoo with a Name

Butterfly Tattoo With Name

This tattoo is a great way to keep the names of your loved ones forever with you. You can ink the name of your dearest person with a beautiful butterfly. Add some roses and other flowers to give grace to this design. This design is the epitome of love, faith, and rebirth. It symbolizes that every day is like a new beginning in your life with your loved one. 

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Tribal Butterfly

Tribal tattoos look marvelous, and when combined with a butterfly tattoo, the design goes to another level. This design signifies charm, rebirth, and luck. Tribal tattoo suits anywhere in the body, but for maximum impact, the best places will be your back, shoulder, and ankle.  

Butterfly with an eye tattoo

Unique Butterfly Tattoo

This design is that one that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This tattoo design has a butterfly with an eye on its wings. You can go for a bouquet with this design or choose from various sizes and colors. Use your creativity, and you will be ready to look captivating with this eye catchy tattoo design.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Realistic Butterfly

What’s better than a realistic design tattoo? This design is another gorgeous butterfly tattoo on our list that is sexy and charismatic. Be sure to go to that tattoo artist who is an expert in realism. You can get this ink on your wrist or shoulder. 

Look how this tattoo appears so spectacular on the wrist of this woman. With this wrist tattoo, it looks as if the magical butterfly insect has chosen you. 

Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

Black And White Butterfly Tattoo

You don’t always need colorful designs to make an impact. The black and white tattoo is evergreen and never fails to impress anyone. A butterfly tattoo in black and white ink looks gorgeous. 

You can emphasize the butterfly wings by making them intricate. A neo-traditional representation also accentuates this design. For black ink, you need to take extra care as it can fade if you don’t care for it properly. Consider moisturizing and hydrating the area.  

Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo

You will seem like a fairy whom butterflies admire in this tattoo. The butterfly on the tattoo appears drop-dead gorgeous. You can choose various styles and experiment with your creativity in this design. Find an experienced tattoo artist, as this body area is easily visible. Also, protect yourself from excessive heat as the chances of the ink fading away are high on exposure to the sun. 

Ankle Tattoo

Ankle Tattoo

Very subtle and beautiful designs are these ankle butterfly tattoos. An ankle is a very delicate body part, so it is painful to ink the tattoo here. But once inked, your ankle looks very appealing. A tiny butterfly tattoo on the ankle is alluring to watch. The benefit of this placement is that you can hide it in formal places. This tattoo is like a tiny secret to you. 

Chest Butterfly Tattoo

Chest Tattoo

The chest tattoo became a trend in 2010 when Rihana popularized it at that time. This tattoo is very trendy among both men and women. As the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, it’s even better to ink it under your heart. The chest area is quite painful to ink, but after inking, it looks stunning as hell. Butterflies, flowers, and birds make for really great options of chest tattoos for girls.

Neck Butterfly Tattoo

Neck Butterfly Tattoo

The neck tattoos for girls are becoming very popular among generation Z. The butterfly tattoo on the neck is symbolic of bravery, and if you are bold and like to take risks, you can get a neck tattoo. Your neck is a body part that is easily visible to others, so you should select your design carefully.

You can add small and soft outlines of butterfly tattoos with a little shading. This tattoo looks very awesome and is the best way to show the bold side of your personality. 

Behind the Ear Butterfly Tattoo

Behind The Ear Tattoo

This humble tattoo looks effortlessly splendid and is one of the stylish butterfly tattoos. The skin behind the year is thin, so it is very painful to ink a tattoo there. Also, the ink does not sustain for a very long time in this area. 

But once you get a butterfly tattoo inked here, the results will be worth the pain you get. Also, the tattoo behind the ear is easy to conceal, so you can show it off when you want. A simple flying butterfly or a seated butterfly on the skull will be perfect for the first time. 


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