Wrist Tattoos Ideas for Women

While men will sit on the artist’s chair and have their entire arm, back, or chest drawn, women are less resistant to pain, and most of them prefer tiny tattoos. They also like the small tattoo to be drawn on the wrist because it is the part of the body where you can see your tattoo every day. Regardless, wrist tattoos are minimalist and cute tattoos that will make you stand out from the rest.

Once you decide to visit the artist for a wrist tattoo, the next big challenge will be choosing the best piece of art to get. You do not want to live the rest of your life regretting having a bat or an owl on your hand when you do not know their meaning, so you should choose wisely. Here is a list of wrist tattoos ideas that might interest you.

  1. Anchor

The anchor presents strength and security, and sailors would mostly have this piece of art drawn on their bodies. However, more people choose the anchor tattoo because you can have it drawn in the smallest. You can draw the anchor tattoo on your wrist as a tribute to someone you love or a person you feel safe with.

  1. Angel Wings

When you think about wrist tattoos, then you should think about angels and all their glory. Angels were used to symbolize protection, and they are a sign of freedom and security. They are also used to honour faith. You can have this tattoo drawn on your wrist as a remembrance of someone who passed away. Besides the meanings, angel wings are cute and will go well with any skin colour.

  1. Bird Tattoo

Birds are used to symbolize freedom and courage. Having a bird on your wrist would look cute as people interpret the meaning in different ways. You can have the bird drawn in different designs, and you can pick birds from other species. According to Glaminati, ensure the type of bird you choose symbolizes what you want your tattoo to represent.

  1. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are the most beautiful animals on earth, and no one can have an astray meaning about a butterfly tattoo. This tattoo shows that you are going through some life changes. It is also used to represent transformation and freedom. The wrist is the ideal place to have the bird tattoo drawn.

  1. Cross Tattoo

How serious are you with your faith? Or how much do you want to show it off? A cross tattoo is associated with religion and faith, and people draw it to honour their beliefs. It is also used to represent unconditional love and sacrifice. The wrist is the perfect place to have this small tattoo drawn so that you can get a daily reminder of your faith.

  1. Crown Wrist Tattoos

Kings and queens wear crowns because they are royal. Crown tattoos represent royalty and power. You can have the tattoo drawn in different ways, like by adding diamonds and roses or butterflies. You can also have the crown drawn in the most uncomplicated design.

  1. Cute Tattoo

Cute tattoos might look too tiny and quiet, but they have very pronounced meanings even more than big tattoos. You can choose different designs to draw. For example, you can choose animal footprints like a cat print. You can also go for fruits like avocados and mangos. The pro tip and advice before having this tattoo drawn is to know what you want it to represent.

  1. Feather Tattoo

Feathers are used to represent freedom and strength, and travel. They come from birds, and you can choose your feather from a specific bird. Note that the feather you choose to draw will have a similar meaning to what the bird represents. For example, a feather from an eagle represents courage. Have this tattoo drawn into the tiniest size you want.

  1. Flower Tattoo

The flower is another wrist tattoos idea you should consider. Flowers are available in different types, and they all have different meanings. Flowers are also primarily associated with women, a reason why flower tattoos are mainly drawn on women. Get a flower on your wrist to represent peace, love, or beauty.

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