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Your Guide To Keeping Your Air Conditioning Running Smoothly All Summer Long

Air conditioning service and repair may seem expensive, but failing to maintain your AC units can be considerably costlier. An HVAC unit replacement can easily run upwards of $10,000.

As summer weather begins heating up, following simple air conditioning service guidelines can keep your unit running efficiently and prevent costly repairs. Read on to learn easy tips on how to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly.

Look for Signs of an AC Refrigerant Leak

If your AC unit is leaking, you could be paying higher-than-expected energy bills. One sign of a leak is an unexpected rise in cooling costs. When your air conditioning unit does not have adequate coolant, it has to work harder.

You may also notice that the air coming out of your vents isn’t cool. Loss of refrigerant means that your HVAC loses cooling capacity.

If you hear your unit running but the temperatures aren’t significantly lowering, you may be experiencing a refrigerant leak. If you notice the signs of an AC refrigerant leak, contact onehourheatandairmi.com today.

A refrigerant leak may also be the cause of increased indoor humidity. The indoor coil usually removes moisture from the air, but the loss of refrigerant can decrease the coil’s ability to perform that function.

Finally, a hissing sound may be a telltale sign that it’s time to refill your AC unit’s refrigeration.

HVAC Drainage Issues

The cooling process creates condensation. This normally flows away from the unit. If a clog develops, the water can back up.

Drainage issues can damage the unit’s components. Here are three common causes of drainage issues.

You may notice water leakage and spilling. This could be visible as a water stain. Or you may notice leaking from your ceiling.

Mold is another common sign that you need AC repair. Dampness caused by drainage issues can produce mold growth. Regular cleaning can prevent this unwanted mess that can affect indoor air quality.

Finally, you may notice that the drain trap is either dry or clogged. A trained HVAC technician can fix any of these issues via air condition service.

Broken Compressor Fan

The compressor fan is a core component of any AC unit. Without this fan, heat cannot be transferred properly. One symptom of a bad compressor fan is a lack of heat being released from the unit.

Or, you may notice strange noises coming from the fan. If you hear your unit working but the temperature isn’t dropping, you may need to have your compressor fan replaced or fixed.

Another symptom of a bad compressor fan is a tripped circuit. In some cases, the compressor pulls too much power, which causes an electrical short.

Learn More Tips About Air Conditioning Service and Repair

By looking out for the signs of AC problems, you can save thousands of dollars by understanding the basics of air conditioning service and repair. You don’t have to be an expert to identify the problems described in this article, but you should contact a professional to fix HVAC issues.

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