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You Can Create Your Perfect Home With These Interior Design Tips

As more of us spend more time in our homes, we have come to appreciate just how much comfort and peace a living space can provide. Perhaps that is why Americans are spending more than ever on home decorating and furniture, as they look to truly turn their houses into homes.

Creating the perfect home is not about spending the most money, but knowing the pieces and styles that best suit your tastes and compliment your existing spaces. With the right interior decorating know-how, you can transform your home into a place of style, ease, comfort, and luxury where you will want to spend all of your time. Read on to find out exactly how to unlock the secrets of good interior design.

1. Pick a Theme and Stick With It

One of the crucial decorating secrets that nobody tells you is that you need to land on a theme from the get-go and let that be your overarching guide. Decide what vibe you want to live in. Modern minimal? Sumptuous luxury? Country shaker? 70s chic?

Once you know what you want, everything else becomes so much easier. You can then use a specialist themed furniture retailer like Northeast Factory Direct to choose decor that fits your chosen style.

2. Size Matters

No matter how much good taste you have, this will come to nothing if you don’t work earnestly with the size proportions that you are dealing with. One of the most important design tips is to shop for the house you have, not the one you want. If your home is small, you need to measure everything and pick furnishings that take up appropriate proportions. Otherwise, your living space will feel jarring, cheap, and uncomfortable.

3. Sample, Sample, Sample

No matter how good something looks in the catalog, you should order a sample. This applies to paint, flooring, wallpaper, curtains, and rugs. Order your free samples so you can see how they actually would look in your home and whether they will compliment your theme. You won’t regret doing this.

4. Be Bold

Too many people make the mistake of keeping it all completely neutral, plain, and unambitious when decoring their home. However, this is a surefire way to create an unloved living space. Boldness is key, as this will make you feel like your living space is truly your own, while also establishing your theme and drawing the eye. A statement wall can make a huge difference, as can a ridiculous OTT couch or a shag rug. Always make room for boldness.

5. The Finishing Touches Are Key

Finally, don’t forget how important the tiny touches are. For this, you should be guided by the personal. Those heirloom candlesticks or vintage photos of loved ones will truly make your house a home. Those beloved coasters or that spice rack that you got from the fleamarket will really take your decor to the next level. The finishing touches should never be a rushed job.

Create Your Perfect Home Today

By following these simple tips, you can easily create the perfect home for life. If you’re ready to start piecing together your dream living space, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our dedicated Lifestyle section for more tips on better home living in 2022.


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