WooCommerce reviews: Ultimate sales boosters for businesses

In a world where people tend to shop online more and more, it is crucial that the business focus on building up trust and engagement.

One of the most efficient ways of doing this is to tap into the experiences of customers. In general, for WooCommerce store owners, review reminder for WooCommerce and their management can make a crucial difference.

Apart from fostering trust, which translates into sales, reviews also contribute to many other areas, including SEO, conversion rates, and understanding customers’ preferences.

This article explores the WooCommerce Review feature and how it can assist you gain increased sales and customer conversions. 

What are WooCommerce review apps? 

WooCommerce review apps are plugins that can be used to add and improve the review feature of online stores using WooCommerce.

Review reminder for WooCommerce includes customizable review forms, moderation tools, email review request options, and more, and analytics features that can aid store owners in managing customer feedback well.

This can also be complemented with the options for connecting other platforms for more awareness and sharing of reviews.

Some of the most widely used WooCommerce review apps are Yotpo, Trustpilot, and Judge. me and WP Product Review.

Using these Woocommerce Plugins, store owners can effectively, increase their sales, enhance interaction with potential clients, and gain their trust through genuine and comprehensive reviews of the store’s products and services.

How to enable reviews in WooCommerce?

Access Your WordPress Dashboard 

Go to your WordPress site and sign in with your login details. 

Click WooCommerce settings 

In the left-hand menu, navigate to the “WooCommerce” link. 

Select the “Settings” option on the dropdown list. 

Enable Product Reviews 

Configure Review Settings 

Enable Reviews

To permit customers to write their feedback on your products, tick the box labeled “Allow Product Reviews”. 

Review Ratings

If you wish customers to rate your products with a star rating, then check a box labeled “Enable star rating on reviews.” 

Verified Owner

Select the box that says “Show ‘verified owner’ label on customer reviews” to specify which of the reviews are from verified buyers. 

Review Sorting

Select where you would like the reviews to be arranged (newest to oldest, oldest to newest, by highest rating, etc.). 

Save Changes 

Navigate to the footer of the page, and then click on the “Save changes” link to apply the set preferences. 

Enable Reviews for Individual Products (if needed) 

What are the benefits of adding reviews in WooCommerce?

Building Trust and Credibility

Social Proof

Review reminder for WooCommerce work as a type of word of mouth since the buyers who leave the reviews are evidence that other people also bought the given products and are happy with them. 


Real customer reviews are a valuable tool because they build credibility in your store and customers can trust them. You can also add extensions like Easy Ads – Ad Manager and AdSense for WordPress where you can advertise product reviews to compel people to purchase it. 

Improving SEO 

Fresh Content

New content produced through these reviews under Woocommerce development services is well favored by search engines and this will enhance the search ranking of your store. 


It is very common to find customers using keywords in their reviews and this proves beneficial when trying to increase the search engine ranking of your products. 

Boosting Sales 

Conversion Rates

Positive feedback reviews can have a dramatic impact on conversion because they can help customers have confidence in the products they are purchasing. 

Influence on Decisions

People tend to read reviews about products before purchasing them, therefore, more positive reviews will mean a direct impact on sales. 

Providing Valuable Feedback 

Product Improvement

It will be easier to see what customers like and what they do not like about your product as the reviews give you insights into this. 

Customer Insights

To serve customers better and improve your business, it is crucial to know more about the customers and their dissatisfactions. 

Enhancing Customer Engagement 


Both positive and negative reviews from review reminder for WooCommerce can be answered to prove to customers you listen to them and care for their experience. 

Community Building

Being proactive with reviewers can go a long way in promoting customer loyalty among your target consumers. 

Reducing Return Rates 

Informed Purchases

By providing extensive feedback, consumers can make the right choice, and there are limited cases of return and exchange. 

Expectation Management

The reviews can help establish reasonable expectations to avoid disappointment in the products that have been procured. 

Competitive Advantage 

Standing Out

Likewise, more positive reviews can also place your store among your competitors, thereby making your products more desirable among consumers. 

Brand Reputation

Positive results of the evaluation construct a good brand image in the market allowing more customers and subsequent visits. 

Enhancing Product Listings 

Rich Content

Reviews enrich product lists by displaying customers’ opinions of a specific product which can be persuasive for others. 


Customer-submitted pictures and videos can be of help in offering a broader perspective of the product in use. 

Parting Words

WooCommerce reviews are a great asset to your online store that can shape its further performance.

Implementing and moderating customer feedback will help you to increase customers’ trust and credibility as well as increase the visibility of your store in the search engine.

Not only do review reminder for WooCommerce work to increase sales through their impact on the potential buyer but also act as a source of guidance for the preferences and concerns of customers.

Also, they help to strengthen relations with customers and make them more loyal to the company’s products.

As you fully realize the potential of WooCommerce reviews, you can make your e-commerce business more credible, captivating, and profitable.

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