Why is Pink Himalayan Salt so expensive?

Why is Pink Himalayan Salt so expensive?

We all are aware that salt is the most important ingredient in every food. Just the right amount of salt does wonders to your diet. It helps in maintaining the fluid balance of the body. This omnipresent ingredient enhances flavours. Apart from its culinary usage, it is also used widely as a food preservative. For the proper metabolic functioning rate of your body, there should be a balanced salt to water ratio. Less or more salt, both are harmful. There are many types of salt available namely, sea salt, rock salt and the most trendy form these days, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. This salt is very renowned now and is consumed across the globe. Pink Salt is mined carefully and washed by hand. With Haveraw, you can get the best quality of pink salt available. The beautiful properties of this salt make it a popular choice amongst the mass these days. So, let us know how these salts are extracted and why pink salt is winning over the usual salts, which makes it slightly more expensive than them.

  • Sea Salt: This salt is made by evaporation, either by the sun or indoor heaters. These are not as processed as regular table salt. The extra minerals found in them are not removed. So, nutritionally also, it is considered better. This salt accounts for about 3.5% of the world’s oceans. Since it is majorly composed of sodium chloride, it helps in maintaining a fluid balance along with the blood pressure in the body. However, since it is less salty, it is found that a lot of sea salt has to be put up in a meal to get a saltier taste.
  • Rock Salt: Rock salt is found in many regions. It is extracted from below the ground and is said to be the remains of evaporated seawater. To be precise, these are found in solid form and are simply mined.
  • Pink Himalayan Rock Salt: With the highest amount of trace minerals found, upto 84, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt comes from Khewra Salt Mines in the Jhelum district. This salt has a natural harvesting process due to which all such minerals are easily found. These are absent in your regular table salts. The trace element is the reason why this salt has a unique pink colour and the taste is much ‘saltier’. The factor which makes them a bit more expensive than regular salts is because it is less processed and it is more natural than other salts available. You will not find any anti-caking agents in Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. After the extraction process, it is said that this salt comes typically in large granules. Just a pinch of this salt will take you a long way. Especially taste-wise. Just a pinch of it will help you to regulate a perfect eye on your overall sodium consumption. No wonder it is called the purest form of salt on Earth!

This salt can be used as regular cooking salt, or maybe just a final touch-up salt. The saltiness of this salt is its USP along with the number of minerals found in them. This salt can be heated and chilled at great extremes because of these distinct features. Pink salt promises to set off a perfect and tasty delicacy.

It is equally important to know the benefits of Himalayan rock salt so you can take your call wisely and bring home some Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. These are as follows:

  • Regulates Hormonal Balance: You might be surprised to know that pink salt helps in the proper flow of fluid in your body. It helps in raising sensitivity towards insulin and thus helps in preventing sudden spikes of sugar.
  • Bath Salt:  One of the most refreshing ways of using pink salt is as a bath scrub. With Haveraw, you can have the best ‘Pink Salt Therapy’ that you deserve.
  •  Mix some pink salt with olive oil and coconut oil, stir it well and wait for the whipped texture to form.
  •  The better the thickness, the more luxurious the experience.
  •  You can use this “Pink Affair” as a body scrub, face scrub or simply as a foot scrub.
  • This will prevent your skin from marks and soften it further. Further, you will also feel refreshed and energised after this therapy is done.
  • Flushing Toxins Out: You can now easily flush toxins out of your body by following these simple steps.
  • Take a jug
  • Put 1/4th spoon of Himalayan pink salt in the jug
  • Add water

Now, seal the jug with a lid. Let the salt dissolve by morning. Then, mix 1 tsp of this dissolved saltwater with your normal water. Make sure you have it every morning. This will increase your body energy levels. Throw toxins out of your body, balance pH levels in your body and help you stay hydrated. The negatively charged ions of pink salt help enter the body cells and regulate proper functioning.

  • Himalayan salt lamps: One of the most interesting benefits of Himalayan rock salt is that its lamp is much more than just a piece of decor. It not only amplifies your home or office surroundings but also attracts moisture from the air and helps in the quick evaporation of water. The negative ions created by this lamp react with the dust particles that have positively charged ions and then further neutralise them.
  •  Respiratory Issues: A room filled with salt-rich air is supposed to bring wonders to your respiratory health.  When these particles are inhaled, they travel through the respiratory system and then, the antibacterial properties of this salt helps in cleansing the lungs and sinuses as well!

We hope that by now, you have got enough reasons to give this pink treat a try! We, at Haveraw, have got you covered with a healthy salternative. We assure you the best quality product with no compromise at all. To buy Himalayan pink salt online India or for any further queries, you can email our team at or call us at +919974532564. 

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