Why Hire A Florist?

We are now slowing down in the wedding season, so we took some time to look back at this year and years before. We meticulously planned each wedding and thought about every detail, regardless of whether we were hired to plant flowers or both. We want to share our thoughts on why it is important to hire a professional Sarina’s Florist Sydney for your wedding planning!

Flowers are often a popular gift for different occasions

Flowers are a sign of love and appreciation. There are many flowers that you can choose to give as gifts for different occasions. These flowers are perfect for birthday celebrations and graduations.

There are many last-minute details that you will need to consider in the days leading up to your wedding. Is there enough time for us to put together the floral centerpieces before rehearsal tonight?

A florist can reduce the number of tasks you have to do before your big day. Flowers only survive for a short time before they begin to wilt. Therefore, they must be ready within 24 hours of your wedding. You don’t have to stress about having to do it the day before the wedding.


It is important to remember that you are paying for the florist’s knowledge and expertise in caring for the flowers. They will be able to create and design arrangements that are tailored to your requirements. Sarina’s Florist Sydney knows how to care for your flowers before, during, and after your wedding. The smallest details are important to florists. For example, how to keep your arrangements at a lower temperature so they can survive for longer, or how best to trim the leaves. The arrangement may get damaged during transportation. A bucket of extra flowers will be available to help.

Delivery And Set Up

You can ask your florist to add delivery and setup for you. This is something we recommend! They will know how to transport your arrangements and they have the right tools to store your flowers so you don’t get any flower injuries. They will not only know how to transport your flowers, but they will also be able to save you the hassle of driving to pick them up.

Set up fees will apply to floral arrangements ordered for the ceremony and reception. The arrangement of the flowers has been discussed with you, so it’s a good idea to let the florist do all the hard work to make it look as stunning as you imagined. The florist is proud of how their arrangements look in a room, or on the altar. They’d rather make the final adjustments to the arrangements they’ve created for you than just drop them off at the door.

Because we love creating something special for each couple, being wedding florists is something that we love. When we deliver the bouquets to the bride as she gets ready, it makes us happy. We are confident that hiring a florist to help you on your wedding day is a wise investment.

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