Why do snakes enter Gold Coast homes!!

Snakes, the most specialized group of reptiles with a venomous power, love to enter gold coast homes. But the question is why did they do so? What’s the reason?

Before understanding the main reason behind this move, let’s know the meaning of the term gold coast.

Defining Gold Coast

Many species of snake are found worldwide. Some of which are poisonous whereas some pretend to be venomous. So, usually, the first and foremost thought that pops up whenever you see a snake is to immediately kill it  and you don’t you dare try to act smart with them.

But, you know what, world is full of amazing species with fascinating facts.

Gold Coast is one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations with beautiful paradise looks and facilities. It’s majorly famous for surfing, mesmerizing beaches, theme parties, shopping, nightlife and hinterland.

Basically, it’s a rich neighborhood popular for expensive homes and luxurious lifestyles. And, the dangerous snakes also love surfing and the luxury rooms, maybe that’s why they enter the gold coast homes!

How and why do snakes enter gold coast homes?

  • A strapping heatwave followed by a smothering of heavy rain has created a perfect environment for the arrival of poisonous snakes.  
  • Snakes can also make their way through cracks and gaps around doors and bricks.
  • They can also hide inside the large plants and attacks the person suddenly or enter in the house secretly.
  • Climbing snakes are very poisonous and are majorly attracted by the smell of rats, guinea pigs, chooks and birds.
  • Snakes love crawling so make sure to keep doors closed and cover all holes leading to houses and garages.
  • Some people think, that coming out of a snake from the toilets hole is a myth, but no, this may sound like an urban myth but it’s very true. Snakes have been known to end up in pipes, block the water way and appear in the toilet which I think it the scariest way to meet any snake.

Tips to get a snake-free environment in surfers paradise!!

If you are a plant lover and wants a dazzling garden around your house then you should keep the yard tidy or else it’s considered as an invitation to the poisonous snake. To ban the entry of sneaky snakes in Australia’s house, Queensland government recommended some safety measures, such as;

  • Keep your lawn trimmed and short.
  • Keep piles of wood neatly so that animals and snakes can’t find a hiding place.
  • Maintain some distance between your garden and your home.
  • While gardening, cover yourself fully. Wear long pants, covered shoes and gloves.

In gold coast areas it’s very common to find snake at the outdoor places like while walking on road. So, you have to keep the below listed things with yourself if you don’t want to say hello to the frightening snake.

  •  Always wear covered shoes and trousers.
  • If you are hogging in night, then must take torch with yourself.
  • Carry a small first aid kit for the emergency treatment.
  • Stay on clearly defined paths so that you can easily spot the snakes and run away.

As we all know that snakes are not herbivores so if you want to get rid of them then you can keep the vegetation around the house cut short and can make the home less loving to small animals and snakes.

What will you do if you found a snake in your property?

After taking so many precautions, if the snake still makes his way, then don’t get panic and call a licensed catcher immediately like Hudson Snake Catcher and let them handle it. Keep distance and do not interfere.

Hudson Snake catching is listed under animal protection organization, wildlife rescue service and service establishment. It’s five stars rated catcher and considered as one of the best rescuer ever. It’s a 24/7 organization which means its services are available 24 hours everyday day, they didn’t take any off whether it’s Sunday or Saturday.

There are so many videos posted on Facebook and Instagram of Hudson Catcher, so just type Hudson Catcher and check out all his brave work.

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