Why Choose Klaiyi Hair Wigs?

There’s a lace part in front of the wigs and covers the head. Lace wigs can cover the whole head area. still, you’ll find different kinds of wigs in the request, similar as 10 × 4 lace frontwigs, 13 × 6 lace frontwigs, 4 × 4 lace frontwigs, etc. Among them, a 13 × 6 lace frontwig is veritably popular.

Why it’s called 13×6?

The primary number represents from left toright.So, 13 means the lace is 13 elevation long from left to right(observance to observance). Also, it’s 6 elevation long from your forepartback.So, this is often considered a lace anterior unit.

Hence, a lace anterior unit may be a unit where the lace is infront.It allows you to part anywhere within those 13 elevations across and 6 elevations back.A unit like this is able to bear a glue(cement or any glue to hold it down your skin) and allow an indefectible natural look.

Why women prefer 13x 6 wigs?

The13×6 lace front wig have some parallels. Then are a number of the parallels between these lace frontwigs.


13×6 lace wigs are made from high- quality lace check and 100% virgin hairs. All 100 mortal hair is interlaced into the lace hole by hand. Both the wigs are soft and offer breathability.The operation is that the samestill, bald, and other hair problems, If you’re passing hair loss. That’s because they’re going to give you a natural hairline and a more natural- looking appearance.

Simple installation procedure

The 13×6 lace frontwig is how they’re installed. They principally have the straightforward installation procedure. once you want to install these anterior wigs, you initially suture- in or install the lace anterior check and also install the half- reverse part of the wig.

They have varied hairstyles

Still, you’ll want to change to another haircut, If you are feeling wearied with the same haircut. Fortunately, you’ll achieve that with 13×6 lace anterior mortal hair wig. once you wear these wigs, you’ll comb it into any style you want. For case, you’ll comb a side- part haircut, a middle- part haircut, or any part haircut. you’ll also comb it into a high ponytail. It all depends on your taste and preference.

The conservation system

The 13×6 lace frontwigs are nearly analogous to your natural hair. meaning they should be well taken care of. Their lifetime generally depends on how you maintainthem.However, they won’t last long, If you are not treating them well. But if you’re taking good care of them, they’re going to last longer.

V part wigs

With the constant changing of fashion, the kinds of wigs are constantly streamlined as well. to satisfy the requirements of different people, new sorts of wigs come into sight in the request- V part wig. so as to give you a comprehensive understanding of the V part wig mortal hair and help you make a better choice.

Another name for a v part wig is thin part wigs. the highest of these wigs have a V- shaped opening and it’s a modified half wig. The V shape opening helps provides a veritably natural hairline look. These don’t include any lace and don’t bear gels or cements at all. the fashionable part about them is that they blend with your natural hairline relatively impeccably that nothing will be suitable to tell piecemeal from your hair from the wig’s hair. The wig will always look amalgamated and match together with your hair roots. As no sock cap is demanded with this, V- shaped wigs are the fashionable to wear every day, and installing and removing them doesn’t bear any quite skill.

Why choose V part wig?

There are so numerous advantages of retaining a V part wig. originally, as stressed over, these are very easy to wear that it hardly takes up any time to install them. Not only that but you’ll snappily change the style of your hair as they glide on and come off so easily and fleetly. Another great part about these wigs is that there is a v part leave out which allows your hair to be suitable to breathe and you can pierce your hair fluently, to observe for them. This also allows your natural hair growth to run its course.

These v part mortal hair wigs are made using machines and are plenty more affordable in comparison to lace wigs. the foremost favored point of these wigs is that they’re largely flexible when it comes to creating new hairstyles, with the utilization of clips, hair bands, and so on. This makes them the fashionable for newcomers and indeed for people who are pros of wearing wigs.


Klaiyi hair wigs can produce a natural hairline and convey you comfort. Now you recognize the stylish benefits of wearing a wig. We hope you discover this companion veritably useful. For further details you’ll visit our online store.pick

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