Things You Need To Know About Photochromic Sunglasses

Summers are often an annoying period of the year as it is very hot. It is also difficult for those who need to wear prescription glasses for clear vision. Not only their regular spectacles, but they also need to keep a pair of Oliver Peoples glasses always with them. Depending on the use of spectacles, the user can switch between these two pairs when moving in and out of the sun. Need not worry; buy yourself a nice-looking pair of photochromic glasses. They are designed beautifully with a combination of regular glasses as well as outdoor sunglasses. If you are new to photochromic glasses, then here is all you need to read about.

Guide to Photochromic Glasses:

It takes only 30 seconds to tint your regular lenses. On the other hand, it can take up to 2–3 minutes for darker shaded photochromic glasses to normalize back into their original form. If you are still in a doubt about these glasses whether to wear them or not, then below is everything you need to know about photochromic glasses.

Photochromic glasses are uniquely designed glasses where the user can enjoy their regular spectacles and sunglasses in one pair of glasses. There is not much difference between regular prescription glasses. However, when wearing them outside, one can observe they are exposed to UV light, and develop a darker shade. The photochromic glasses reorient their molecules that bring change in their color to block UV rays and provide full protection to your eyes.

It is observed that these glasses transition smoothly between two distinct colors to offer maximum comfort in any environment. Due to this amazing feature, they are comfortable to wear when working on a screen indoors. But when you step out in the sun, it gets converted into protection mode. Having such adapted photochromic glasses is sure to make your life more convenient. Choose these glasses from the available that serve your need easy to wear and handle. They are not ideal glasses to wear at night when driving in the presence of headlights and streetlights. Hence, avoid it at night and wear them in daylight as they are best to filter blue light.

Every eyewear has its own advantage. Most of the Oliver Peoples glasses are designed to filter a particular range of light spectrum. It is possible either by colored filters or polarization. However, photochromic glasses are designed with a different structural framework. They are mostly made from carbon-based materials. Therefore, when these carbon molecules are exposed to the light spectrum, their natural form changes and start absorbing UV light, which helps them to convert into darker shade. So, it all depends on the strength of UV rays, which makes them appear darker. Hope you found out the science behind these glasses that protect your eyes when exposed to harmful UV light.

As discussed above, one of the most important benefits of wearing photochromic glasses is UV protection. Whenever a person steps out in the sun, they become prone to eye discomfort in the long run. One such risk is developing cataracts, which we have often heard about. It only makes your vision blur but is an expensive health matter. In addition to this, few people develop eye strains, headaches, allergies and other problems related to the eyes. However, with photochromic glasses, you are upgrading the life span of your eyes by blocking this unwanted UVA/UVB light.

Those people who are already using these glasses can’t deny the fact how these glasses improve their vision. Wearing two distinct kinds of glasses can be a troublesome experience. Moreover, you need to switch between them as and when you are outdoors or indoors. If you own photochromic glasses, then all your inconvenience is gone. Thanks to this latest technology, photochromic glasses, you get the benefits of two distinct kinds of glasses in just one pair.

Another benefit of wearing these photochromic glasses is that they are more advanced than polarized Oliver Peoples glasses. The Polarized glasses are not that effective when exposed to sunlight as they have a single layer of coating and offer a limited range of protection. Whereas, wearing photochromic glasses, you gain full protection for your eyes from high intensity of light, when these glasses are exposed, they turn darker.

It is not enough that you buy a pair of photochromic glasses for yourself. You need to have the right kind. This can only be ensured if you buy them from a branded eyewear company, as they are into designing spectacular glasses for all men, women and children. These glasses not only command smart looks but also have incredibly elegant designs. Check out the huge collection of spectacles under the supervision of your optician and pick the eyewear that you wish for.


It is an undeniable fact that a pair of photochromic glasses can be a bit more expensive than regular glasses, due to their advanced technological features. However, the Oliver Peoples glasses saves you from buying two pairs of glasses with different functionality. Get both these kinds of glasses in one frame. No need to buy separate glasses when photochromic glasses serve you both the purpose. To conclude, the best choice and the right eyewear to style inside and outside, easily fits into your pocket.

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