Which Is The Best Faction in RPG New World?

For almost all MMORPGs, joining a faction will be an important choice, and New World is no exception. There are 3 different factions for you to choose from. For those players who are difficult to choose, IGGM will give a detailed introduction, allowing you to better weigh the pros and cons to make the best choice for you.

Three factions

As part of the settlement’s main quest chain, you will encounter the three factions of the New World: Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate.


This is the religious inquisition, and its followers are dedicated to Spark. Because the game is based on the European Age of Exploration, it is a faction full of Catholics. Their more zealous attire, church-related buildings, and unique orange color scheme all allow them to stand out from the factions.


Marauder is a faction of players who like strength conquest and military attitude. They think that Aeternum is a land worth fighting for, and only strong enough people will occupy it. Their green color scheme and the strong visual connection of the Spanish conqueror will bring freshness to you.


 It’s a group of mystics and scholars. They wear the clothes of a plague doctor or monkish attire and are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge. The purple color scheme is their symbol.


How do factions impact the game?

The choice of faction will affect the social and PVP aspects to a certain extent. The core of the New World is map conquest. If the opposing faction already owns an area, then your guild can prepare to use a 50V50 battle to determine the final ownership of the territory. If you win, you will be able to occupy this zone, and accordingly, you will also gain faction wide buffs. Therefore, if you want to become the backbone of the guild, New World Coins will be an important guarantee.

If you like challenges, then you can start the PVP mode in the open world to fight with other players. This time, Whoever has better equipment means that he will be the ultimate winner, so in order to be able to occupy the dominant position, it will be the most convenient to choose to buy New World Coins.

Which is the best faction?

In New World, all factions do not bring direct benefits to players. But the most popular faction is Syndicate, followed by Marauders. So if you want to join a populated faction, then these two are optional.

But densely populated factions have some disadvantages, because there is no guarantee that your guild will conquer an area, and the area in the game is limited. In addition, a smaller faction means more chances for offense and defense. So there is no best faction, only the one that suits you best.

In any case, it is the most important thing to become stronger in the game, so that you can occupy an important position, so sufficient New World Coins are indispensable. Once New World is released, you can first come to IGGM to view the corresponding content and get cheap New World Coins you need.

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