Where is iGaming now legal in the US?

The world of iGaming has been rapidly growing and expanding in recent years, and the United States is no exception. With changing attitudes towards online gambling and the increasing demand for digital entertainment options, the legal landscape of iGaming in the US has undergone significant changes in recent years. In this blog, we will explore the current state of iGaming legality in the US, including which states have legalized various forms of online gambling and the factors that have influenced these developments.

Evolution of iGaming in the United States 

The stance on iGaming in the United States has been evolving recently, with many states legalizing and regulating the industry. While some states, such as Nevada and New Jersey, were quick to embrace online gaming, others were slower to follow suit. The US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a federal ban on sports betting in 2018 has opened the door for states to legalize and regulate sports betting, which has paved the way for the growth of the iGaming industry.

Whilst many states have gone on to legalize sports betting and online casinos, over half of the US has not yet done so. This has seen a rise in the popularity of Fantasy sports and sweepstake and social casinos which provide a viable alternative for customers looking to play in a non legal state. So much so there is a growing list of sweepstake casinos available in the US that fans from various states can access, as well as increase in the number of fantasy sports operators that are launching in the US.

States allowed 

Since the US Supreme Court decided to strike down a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, the legalization of sports gambling in the country has been rising. Currently, 36 states have legalized sports gambling, including Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Moreover, there is potential for an additional three states to join the list this year. This significant increase in states legalizing sports gambling highlights a growing recognition of its economic benefits, changing public opinion and shifting towards more permissive attitudes towards online gaming. However, as of writing, only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have fully legalized online casinos, whereas Connecticut, Delaware, and West Virginia have introduced some form of regulation.

Factors Influencing iGaming Legalization

The growth of the iGaming industry has been rapid in recent years, and the legalization of online gambling has become a hot topic in many states across the United States. However, the following three most significant factors contribute to the legalization of iGaming in the US.

Economic benefits for states and consumers

One of the main factors driving the legalization of iGaming is the potential for economic benefits for both states and consumers. By legalizing and regulating online gambling, states can generate new sources of tax revenue, which can fund various public services and initiatives. For consumers, the legalization of iGaming provides a safer and more secure environment for online gambling and access to a wider variety of games and betting options.

Public opinion and attitudes towards online gambling

Another important factor influencing the legalization of iGaming is public opinion and attitudes towards online gambling. Over the years, public attitudes toward online gambling have become more accepting, and many people now see it as a legitimate form of entertainment. This shift in attitudes has made it easier for states to legalize iGaming and has increased support for its spread.

Changes in technology and player preferences

Changes in technology and player preferences also play a significant role in the legalization of iGaming. With technological advancements, online gambling platforms and betting apps can now offer players a more seamless and immersive experience, increasing their popularity. At the same time, players are becoming more demanding and looking for a broader range of games and betting options, driving the growth of the iGaming industry.

Final Thoughts 

Though more and more states are legalizing online gambling, it’s still worth checking out your state’s regulations if you want to start playing. The US appears to be more favorable to the activity as time passes by, however, ultimately, it is down to the state and whether they want to permit it.

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