Where And Why To Get The Trademark Registered?

Are you planning to go for international trademark registration? If yes, then this decision will be best both for you and your business. The person can just, first of all, select the country in which he wants to get the international trademark registration done as every country has different rules for the procedure.

With time, some changes have been noticed in this sector, but the primary process is the same. A person just has to follow the simple steps, and he can complete the procedure.

Where To Register The Mark?

Once the person has decided to get the registration done of the trademark, a specific question now arises in the person’s mind; getting an answer to these questions is a must for the smooth functioning of the procedure.

Which will be the best place the get the registration? The answer to this question is that he should complete the registration in the country where the person will be selling the goods and the services.

The second-place can be the area in which eth person is planning to sell his interest shortly. The person can get the answer to this fundamental question by consulting the attorney. He is the person who will make the proper analysis of the situation and then only provide guidance to the person to take further actions.

Requirements Of The International Trademark Registration

Are you planning for international trademark registration? If yes, then you should first consider the basic idea regarding the various conditions that are must for the registration. Following are the essentials:

  • The person who is applying for the registration must be domiciled in India. He should be the person who is an Indian national or who has an establishment in India for the commercial business.
  • The applicant should apply for trademark registration within the Indian trademark registry. The person who starts with the national trademark registration can opt for the international application.
  • The person should apply for the international trademark registration only if the person receives the national enrollment.
  • The list of the various goods in the international application is generally made as to the national trademark registration.
  • The applicant should choose more than one Madrid protocol country member in which he wants to enjoy the protection.

Benefits Of The Registration

If the person plans to get registered under the registered trademark, he will get various benefits. There are multiple advantages of the registration that a person receives. Let us discuss in detail the multiple benefits to get a better understanding of the concept:

  • Legal Protection

The most significant advantage of international trademark registration is that the person will get legal protection. The trademark that will be protected will get protection against the third person who is using the option.

If any issues arise in the future, the person can easily fight the situation. He will be able to handle the prevailing situation in a better way.

  • Business Opportunity

Though trademarks are the intangible assets of the business, they play a crucial role in the business’s success. If the trademark that the person has received becomes a success, it will provide various opportunities for the industry to succeed.

If the person goes for the international trademark registration, he will get an even better option. He will get the right to use the trademark in the internal market. Most successful businesses like McDonald’s and KFC have gained a tremendous success rate due to their international trademark registration.

  • Unique Identity

When a person plans to get the register globally, then he will provide a good image of the product globally. This is the procedure that will help the person feel protected against any wrongful possession of the product.

After that, the people will just be the single owner of the product, and they can do whatever he wishes to do with the product.

  • Good Option For The Online Operators

The most significant benefit of international trademark registration is for the online operators as they can expand their business from the origin of the e-business. When a company is involved in selling the products online, its main motive is to supply the product globally.

With time as the product will form a place in the global market, the popularity of the international trade becomes a bit easy for the person. Even the product registration will reduce the customers’ confusion regarding eth product.

  • Protects The Brand During The Export Or Import

If the product is internationally registered, then this will reduce the misuse of the product in the international market by any foreign parties. As the trademark forms its name and position in the foreign country, people will just copy the mark to sell their product in the market.

 In this situation, the party has the complete freedom to take legal action against the person who is the culprit in such activity.

These are the various benefits that a person will get who is planning to get the registration done of the trademark internationally. The only thing he has to keep in mind is to read the rules and regulars of the country and then only fill out the form to avoid the chance of rejection of the form. In addition, the registration period is limited to 12 to 18 months.

Can International Registration Shift To The National Application?

Internal registration is mainly for the five years; during this period, the person is dependent on the essential national registration. The person will not get the protection of international registration if the national registration of the person lapses within five years. Both the kind of registration is dependent on each other.

Though both the options are dependent on each other, the person also has the absolute right to convert the international registration to the nation within three months of the cancellation of the registration.

If the person has a complete idea related to the registration procedure and the rules that he has to follow, he will be able to make the decision better.


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