When to Seek Therapy: 5 Signs It’s Time

Many people assume that therapy is meant for those who struggle with a severe condition, such as bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Any kind of severe condition involving your mental health or emotions can warrant some form of therapy. Yet, that doesn’t mean that therapy exists exclusively for the treatment of those conditions.

The function of therapy is, broadly speaking, for someone to achieve a better sense of well-being or functioning better. If therapy isn’t just for serious mental health situations, that can leave someone wondering when to seek therapy? Keep reading for five signs that therapy might prove a good fit.

1. Anxiety

Many people go through life with a constant feeling of low-level anxiety. While it might feel normal for you, it can create a number of negative effects in your life. A few examples include:

  • Avoiding socializing
  • Not pursuing promotions
  • Trouble sleeping

All of these things can reduce your quality of life.

2. Unusual Feelings

From time to time, anyone can end up experiencing feelings that seem unusual to them. For example, maybe you feel angry or sad all the time when you didn’t you used to feel that way. This sense of not “being you” can serve as a sign that something is off in your life.

Seeking private counselling can help you pin down and resolve the source of these unusual feelings. That lets you get back to feeling like yourself.

3. Trauma

Trauma takes on a lot of forms. For example, someone can do something that harms you physically or emotionally. You can get into an accident or even see a bad accident. Any traumatic experience can intrude on your thoughts well after the fact.

After a trauma, you might ask, “Do I need therapy?” If the experience intrudes after, you likely do.

4. You Feel Overwhelmed

Many people simply feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities at home, at work, or both. What happens in therapy is that the therapist helps you sort out what makes you feel overwhelmed and why. Knowing the what and why lets you take steps to resolve the what, the why, or both.

5. You’re Using Drugs or Alcohol

Some people find themselves turning to drugs or alcohol to help them cope with their feelings or situation. While these might make you feel better for a little while, it’s never a long-term fix. They usually become a problem in themselves.

Even if you wonder whether therapy does work, it’s a better option than potential addiction.

Recognizing When to Seek Therapy

It’s not always easy for some to recognize when to seek therapy. You live in your own skin, so changes aren’t always obvious to you.

A good way that you can recognize that you should seek therapy is when friends and family express concerns. That’s almost always a sign that they see changes in you that worry them, such as withdrawing or unusual anger.

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