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When to Replace Carpet: A Homeowner’s Guide

You know the drill.

First, remove dust and dirt by vacuuming slowly, then sprinkle some baking soda, and let it sit for an hour to absorb stains and odors fully. Vacuum again.

Next, spot-clean the stains by applying a mixture of vinegar and water. Or you can steam clean them. The most crucial thing to remember is to vacuum more often if you have pets or kids.

Now, if you follow the drill often but your carpets still look raggedy, it’s time to buy new ones. On that note, let’s talk more about when to replace a carpet.

Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha, Stain Alive

You know how to clean a carpet. On some days, you even consider yourself second to none when getting a carpet clean like a pro.

However, if, despite your carpet cleaning skills, you can’t get those stubborn stains to come out, it may not be your fault. While some carpets have a long lifespan (20 to 30 years), cheaper ones are lucky if they reach their fifth year, still looking intact.

You may opt to hire professionals, but even they will have difficulty removing stains from a poor-quality carpet. If you don’t want your carpet cleaning skills and money to go to waste, consider investing in durable and properly installed nylon or wool carpets that last for at least two decades.

What’s That Smell?

Besides stains that won’t come out, foul odors that won’t disappear are another sign to replace your carpeting.

You see, even with diligent carpet care, accidents can still happen, more so if you have kids and pets. If you don’t have children or pets but still get unpleasant smells from your carpets, it could be a mold problem.

Before replacing your moldy carpets, it’s worth calling a mold remediation specialist. You can also check out https://www.deckerscarpetcleaning.com/atascocita-tx-carpet-cleaning/ if you think your carpets don’t smell that bad and only need some repairs and hot water extraction cleaning.

Flat’s the Way You Don’t Like It

Do you know which types of carpet never flatten over time?

If your answer is, “I don’t know,” you’ve got it right. That’s because all carpets, whether they have short or long fibers, will lose their elasticity eventually.

When your carpet is wholly flattened down, that’s a clear sign it’s worn out and should be replaced.

When to Replace a Carpet: Other Signs to Watch Out For

If you have allergies and notice that you’re sneezing or coughing more than usual, it may be time to change your carpets. Before you do that, though, consider a deep clean first, and if that doesn’t help improve your symptoms, go for carpet replacement.

Other signs you’re due for carpet change include visible rips and tears, fading of areas exposed to sunlight, and matted fibers.

A Whole New World

You may not be a fan of shining, shimmering, and splendid carpets, but your home deserves new ones when all signs point to a carpet change.

Now that you know when to replace a carpet don’t forget to invest in durable carpet types that will last you many years.

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