What’s the Best Time to Move?

According to statistics, the average person in the US moves more than 11 times in their lives.

Are you due for a move? Moving can be expensive, disruptive, and stressful. If you want to have a smooth move, one of the best moving tips is to plan your timing well.

Depending on which date you move, you could align a number of things in your favor. Your move could be cheaper, easier, and you can even take advantage of trends in the rental and real estate market.

Gear the odds in your favor and read on to discover what’s the best time to move.

The Best Season to Move

If you’re trying to figure out the best time to move, the first thing to consider is the season.

Winter is usually the cheapest time to move. Professional moving services aren’t booked back-to-back, which means you might be able to score a discounted rate if you’re hiring movers during the off-season.

Rentals are also more widely available in winter. If you move during the colder months you could snag a prime rental property, without having to compete with hoards of other prospective tenants.

On the downside, winter is a cold, inclement time to move in most states. Besides this, you’ll also have to deal with the implications of moving around the holiday season.

If you can’t or don’t want to move in winter, spring and fall are also good options. Most moving companies won’t be fully booked during these times, and the weather will be more favorable.

Just take note that fall isn’t the best time to look for rentals in university towns, as demand will be high. Spring is usually a better time for areas around universities, as a lot of students will be graduating.

Summer is the most expensive time to move, as movers are fully booked and the rental market is busy. However, if you are selling your home and moving, summer can be an advantageous time as you could get a higher asking price on your home. Also, if you have kids, you might prefer to move during the summer holidays.

The Best Time of the Month and Week

Most people tend to move at the end or beginning of the month and on the weekends.

Because of this, a lot of moving companies are booked out during these times. If you want to save on moving costs, the best time to move is the middle of the week, during the middle of the month.

If you are renting, it can be hard to get a move-in date around these times. However, if you are buying a home, you might be able to take advantage of this slow time.

The Best Time to Move Will Ultimately Depend on You

Ultimately, the best time to move will depend on you and your specific needs and situation. If you’re renting, moving in winter could be advantageous. On the other hand, if you’re selling your home, it might be better to aim for a closing date in summer when demand is highest.

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