What to Know Before Buying a Car Bike Rack

Bicycling is more popular than ever. Streets are becoming more accessible thanks to initiatives taken by many municipalities, and people of all walks of life are looking to biking as means of exercise and adventure.

If you want to join the fun and take your bike trips to the next level, you need a car bike rack. With one, you can hit the road with your bike and explore beyond your own neighborhood.

Read on to learn what to consider before buying a bike rack for your car.

The Kind of Car Bike Rack

There are a few main types of bike racks available. You can choose between a towable rack, a roof rack, or a trunk mount.

Towable Rack

Towable racks are ideal for those who want to transport multiple bikes. They have a much larger capacity than the other kinds of racks.

They also provide a secure way to transport your bike without affecting the fuel economy of your vehicle. Your mounted bike stays safe on the trailer towed behind your car.

However, these are generally the most expensive kind of bike rack. You’ll also have to install a hitch on your car if it doesn’t have one already.

Roof Rack

Roof racks are perfect for those who only need to transport a few bikes. These mounts secure your bike to the roof of your car, so you’ll have access to your trunk and side doors.

The downside with roof racks is that they increase your car’s drag. This means you’ll get much lower fuel efficiency with a roof rack installed on your car.

Trunk Mount

Trunk mounts are the most budget-friendly and easy-to-use bike racks. They fit over the trunk of your car, allowing you easy access to your bike.

However, these bike racks are less secure than the other kinds of bike racks. Your bike may sway while you drive, which can cause it to damage your car’s paint. They also make it difficult to access the trunk of your car.

Number of Bikes You Need to Carry

Some bike racks can transport quite a few bikes, while others are only suitable for carrying one or two. If you’re looking for a bike rack for 5 bikes, your options may be limited to a few kinds of towable racks.

Your Car

The kind of car your drive also limits the kind of bike rack you can use. If you drive a hatchback or a pick-up truck, a trunk mount won’t be an option for you.

Similarly, a sedan probably isn’t a good match for a towable rack. The additional cost of a hitch installation means it’s not a viable option for most.

Bring Your Bike on an Adventure

A car bike rack makes it easy to bring your bike along with you on your next road trip.

There are three major types of bike racks, and each has its own advantages. The kind of car you drive also means some bike racks are more practical than others.

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