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What to Consider When Completing a Modern Bathroom Remodel

Did you know the average person spends more than two years in the bathroom?

This accounts for every activity you do in the bathroom (reading, watching T.V., singing, and more). Spending much of one’s life in such a small room justifies remodeling.

But, what essential changes do you need to improve your space’s functionality and comfort? A lot goes into a bathroom remodel, and unless you’re a professional, you may wonder what to consider.

Here are some tips to make your modern bathroom remodel smooth and efficient.


When space is tight, build in.

Recessed medicine cabinets, toilet roll holders, and soap dishes pry out more space. Compared to cabinets built out, recessed ones offer more room to bend over and use the sink. You’ll gain more space without foregoing sleekness.

Using recessed light also makes a tiny bathroom appear spacious. Consider recesses since they don’t cost much in the grand scheme of your remodeling.


If you don’t want to deal with mildew and mold (no one does), a bathroom fan helps.

With any renovation project, your decisions are from a design or functional standpoint. While bathroom vanity is essential, sometimes functionality comes first. Your bathroom needs an exhaust fan that drives moisture out and removes odors.

Be careful what bathroom fan you install, or you’ll run a mold or mildew problem. Consider using windows to help with humidity and improve your bathroom aesthetic.

More Mirrors

Many people think mirrors are only for checking hair or makeup, but they do more. But think of bathroom mirrors as design elements to illude space and add light to the room.

Use large-format mirrors that span over an entire wall for small bathrooms. If you have a large shower, add a second mirror to the primary mirror above your sink. Companies like CNM Online have various mirror options and other bathroom appliances.


In a room where you need to see your face and hair, lighting is sometimes dim or in one area— the ceiling.

Consider adding lighting to improve the mood and functionality of your space. If you enjoy slow baths, you know there’s no leisure in full artificial light. Dim lighting will set just the right mood.

Also, add recessed lights around your bathroom mirror to give the best lighting for tasks that may need lots of light. Besides, consider having lighting in the shower rather than around it. You might find your showers more fun when appropriately lighted.


You have a spacious, well-lit, ventilated bathroom, but is it safe?
Textured floor tiles come with extra grouts to keep you from slipping when the floor is wet. They are also easy to clean, and the grouts resist stain and mold.

You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to bathroom tiles; they come in different colors and patterns. Mix and match them to create a harmonious look.

Leverage These Tips for Your Next Modern Bathroom Remodel

A modern bathroom remodel will make a big difference in your home renovation project.

A few tricks and tweaks will give you space and aesthetics. Investing in recessing cabinets and more mirrors might be what your bathroom needs.
Remember to use these tips for your next bathroom renovation.

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