What Qualities Make an Excellent Dentist?

Did you know that there are around 200,000 active dentists providing care in the United States of America as of 2020? With so many dentists to choose from it is difficult to identify which dentist is the right one for your family. It is normal that you’d want to get care from an excellent dentist, but what makes an excellent dentist?

Things like years of practice are a good indicator of success as a dentist but there is a lot more to it than that. Education and training are also good signs when you’re trying to find the right dentist.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about the traits and signs of an excellent dentist. Keep reading to learn more.

Manual Dexterity

One of the most important things that an excellent dentist should have is manual dexterity. This is the ability to work on different things with your teeth using tools and their hands. It is important to remember that the mouth is a small area so you’ll want your dentist to have a steady hand and great dexterity when drilling or cleaning your teeth.

Years of practice and education and training are valuable for learning and honing those dexterity skills. Finding someone with these skills makes choosing a dentist a breeze.

Good With Details

Another sign of an excellent dentist is someone that is great with details. Dentists need to have a keen eye for details as they’re inspecting your teeth and gums for threats to your oral health. This means that you’ll want a dentist that is a detail-oriented individual that will notice these small changes.

An excellent dentist will identify these threats before they grow to become painful and troublesome. This is great news for you because the procedures to stop these threats in their tracks are much easier than if they slip through the cracks and require major work.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

You’ll also want to find a dentist that has strong interpersonal skills. Many people suffer from anxiety related to going to the dentist as it isn’t the most pleasant experience. You should want a dentist that is great at making people feel comfortable and putting them at ease.

This means finding a dentist that talks with you and get to know you while also providing great dental care. The goal should be to find a dentist that is kind and compassionate as this will make it easier to return to the dentist on a consistent basis for checkups, teeth cleaning, and more significant dental procedures.

A good dentist will also find a way to explain dental procedures and their purpose to you in a way that you can understand. A dentist that is transparent with their patients is setting themselves up for a long and successful career as that shows they have ideal traits like calm and patience.

An excellent dentist will use their interpersonal skills to create a fun and enjoyable experience at the dentist. This is huge as it prevents children from fearing going to the dentist for their oral health needs. Find a dentist that builds trust with you and that creates a strong first impression.

A Desire to Learn

An excellent dentist is also looking for ways to grow their education and training. The technology in the dental industry is growing at a rapid rate which means that there are new and effective tools. You’ll want to find a dentist that is focused on growing as a professional and that wants to learn how to use these new technologies.

These improvements in dental techniques and technology allow an excellent dentist to provide new services while offering better ways to promote oral health. The treatments will take less time and cause less pain and discomfort. Make sure that you find a dentist that is focused on furthering their education.

Artistic Skills

Most people don’t think of art skills when it comes to a dentist, but that is one of the ideal traits for a dentist to have. Dentists do more than just practical work on your teeth. They also provide cosmetic upgrades that will leave you with a stunning and memorable smile.

An excellent dentist will have the proper artistic skills to restore your teeth and give you that smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Find a dentist that will keep your mouth and teeth healthy while also helping you to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Business Skills

Dentists should be all about providing the best care to their patients but they also need to have strong business skills. Even when you’re in an industry that is focused on helping people you’ll need to have business skills to make a living. Many dentists opt to start their own practice, which requires a number of business skills to have success.

They’ll need to learn how to market their dental practice and hire people to work at the practice in different roles. This also involves training the new hires and handling all of the business expenses of the dental practice.

Passion for Helping

An excellent dentist is a person that is focused on doing whatever they can to help people that are in need. Find a dentist that is excited about helping you get that perfect smile and helping you to maintain a healthy mouth. Dental care should be accessible for everyone, so make sure that you find a dentist that offers affordable payment plans.

This is a clear sign that you’ve found an excellent dentist that prioritizes providing the best care over everything else.

Schedule a Consultation With an Excellent Dentist Today

There are a number of ideal traits and skills that make an excellent dentist and you need to know what they are if you want to get the best dental care for you and your family. Find a dentist with great interpersonal skills as well as someone that wants to further their education and training.

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