What Led To Rose Vega Family Being Criticized? Insights of Her House

The dating show ‘90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ brought across many distinctive stories on screen. The show featured the journey of the native of Philippines, Rose Vega, and the native of San Diego, Big Ed, who, before meeting each other, dated for almost three months. 

Like the other couples, Rose Vega and Big Ed had many blacks and whites in their relationship. The couple hid certain facts about their lives and their mindset. Big Ed was not in favor of having kids, which he did not disclose to Rose. On the other hand, there were secrets about Rose’s life that Ed found only after witnessing them on his own. 

What he saw not only despaired him, but the appearance of the facts on screen also shocked the viewers. So what was the fact about Rose’s life? What were the aftermaths that she faced? How did it affect her family? Let us know in detail. 

Star’s Tattered Condition Was a Bolt from the Blue 

It was a shocking revelation that Big Ed Net Worth came across when he visited Rose’s house in Philippines. 

Her house was in pathetic condition and beyond his imagination. Not to Ed’s certainty, Rose had been living at the back of her sister’s store with HER 6 YEARS OLD SON, Prince. 

Her home was no more than a cemented room that did not have a working bathroom and windows. It was startling to know that Rose only had a mattress and not a proper bed to sleep in. 

Beyond the matters of her house, in a clip that got viral, the audience can see Rose’s disappointment towards Big Ed, stating that he made her feel embarrassed, portraying as if she is UNCLEAN and does not take care of herself. 

The consequence of all this led her and her family to be in the limelight over their condition. The leaky room and exposed wires were the centers of internet controversy. 

On being asked about her lousy breath by Ed, she justified it was simply because of an ulcer. But it implied that she could not even take care of her basic health requirements. 

Rose Vega mother’s disappearance from the show: her relationship with her mother 

On being invited to meet her family, Ed could see Rose’s sister, father and other relatives. But her mother was missing among the folks. 

Fans were curious to know as to why her mother was missing from the show. Some viewers thought that her mother might not be kinda a fan of being filmed. But later to our revelation, Rose informs that her mother had passed away three years back due to heart attack, and she misses her mom. 

Recently, the 25-year-old, shared a video on youtube telling us about her mom and the kind of bond they shared. 

She asserts that she did not have a very calm relationship with her mother as they used to indulge in hot talks sometimes. For example, she said that when she mixed her color fading clothes with her clean ones while doing laundry, this sometimes led to hot-headed talks. 

She said that her mother is now with PAPA GOD. It is good to see how Rose is coping up with all the adverse situations of her life. From rising from being financially weak to taking care of her son, Rose Vega is moving ahead in life.

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