What is VPS Hosting? How to get a cheap VPS Hosting (windows/linux) Service in India?

What is VPS?

VPS is abbreviated as Virtual Private Server, which connects multiple shared physical servers based on virtualization technologies.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting is similar to the dedicated server with a shared server environment. VPS hosting is available at lower costs than dedicated hosting. Users can make their customized changes and install the applications without involving the hosting provider in the VPS hosting. VPS hosting is the best option for SaaS providers, programmers, and companies that need a secure and appropriate backup environment.

Pros of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides a wide range of benefits such as:

Improved security

VPS hosting provides high-level security to overcome malicious activities for your data and gives complete protection through the security hardening protocols.

Reliable performance

The loading speeds and overall system performance will improve using the shared hosting. It allows handling higher traffic loads in the enterprises.

Access and customization

VPS hosting allows the customization of your server environment with a significant level of access. Some hosts will provide managed VPS hosting through which the technical teams manage your server technical tasks. It ensures that the server is fully optimized based on the specifications of a website.

Great value pricing

A great value is provided for your accessing resources with VPS hosting. It ensures the elevating security protocols for your site and access to the upgraded hosting quality without any price hikes.

Linux VPS and Windows VPS

You need to choose which operating system you will run the VPS after you’ve decided to use a virtual private server for your website maintenance. VPS allows you to choose either Linux based server or a Windows-based server. These two VPS systems have standard functions but include some essential differences. According to the specific user requirements, the operating system will have to be chosen.

Finding the Best and Cheap OS for your VPS


It’s required to consider the speed and stability of the operating system when a business opts for VPS hosting because any web OS hosting should be reliable and fast. The best OS can be chosen based on its great capacity for optimization.

Both Windows and Linux VPS systems provide high-end performance to maximise site performance with a web hosting environment. They deliver robust performance and high responsiveness results driven by the deployed multi-core processors, sufficient RAM, and enhanced SSD drives.


As Linux is an open-source software system, it costs less when compared to the Windows operating system. Open-source software allows the users to change, study, and share the software with anyone for any purposes. Typically, it comes with lower costs to resellers and end-users as well.

The enterprise-level functionality offered by the Linux OS and hosting companies can use Linux VPS for creating a managed VPS hosting. The pricing services are minimized to a nominal markup as it is free. But, Windows VPS costs high for license services. The licensing costs will pass on to you when establishing your hosting environment on Windows OS.


Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting can meet business needs with incredible hosting performance. Additionally, it gives the flexibility to choose a wide range of reliable tools like CMS, run multiple sites, and improve the performance of your website. However, both Linux and Windows can provide flexibility benefits to different degrees.

Linux OS is more flexible than the Windows OS due to the easier and cheaper access to add the resources and support of a range of CMS and site management tools. You will restrict the use of CMS and other tools when it comes to Windows VPS hosting.

The business owners get access to the flexibility with the well-managed VPS hosting despite the OS that runs it. Linux VPS is the best choice when you want to enjoy the freedom of choosing the CMS and tools for your business needs.


Linux OS has robust and enterprise-level security that gives the agility of addressing the security issues than the Windows VPS.

Ease of use

Linux based VPS offers a managed service to control your website resources and tools with easier access. Site owners can easily manage their websites using tools such as WordPress and cPanel.

Based on the analysis of the above factors, the best option is to use Linux VPS hosting, which is a popular and affordable way to obtain scalable and dedicated web hosting resources for many growing small businesses.


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