What is the process of applying for a Polish passport?

The passport, especially the Polish passport, is one of the most valuable documents we can own. This is because it opens the door to free travel throughout the world. Although we can move within the European Union and in countries belonging to the Schengen Area without the need to show this document, its importance becomes invaluable when we plan further travels, beyond the borders of these areas. In this case, having a passport is absolutely crucial.

For many people, the passport also symbolises freedom and the opportunity to discover new cultures, countries and continents. It is a document that entitles us to cross international borders, allowing us to travel legally and safely to distant corners of the world. Without a passport, not only will we not be able to visit exotic places, but we will also not be able to engage in many activities that require an international identity, such as attending conferences abroad, studying, or even some forms of work.

It is also worth remembering that passport is a document that needs to be properly secured and protected against loss or theft. If it is lost abroad, it can reasult in serious problems and the need to deal with many formalities at diplomatic missions. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that our passport is up-to-date, in good condition and kept in a safe place whenever we travel. And what is the process of applying for one? This we will outline below. You will find even more on the subject at

Where should I apply for a passport?

You can apply for a passport at any passport office in Poland. Admittedly, the offices are located mainly in voivodeship cities, but also in other larger towns and cities in order to make it easier for residents to access passport services. If, on the other hand, we hold citizenship of another country, the application should be submitted to the relevant public administration office of that country.

To find the nearest passport office, it is worth using the official websites of the public administration. This is where you will find detailed information on addresses, opening hours and procedures in the various offices. Usually, the website also offers the possibility of making an appointment online, which can significantly reduce the waiting time in the office.

What about when you are abroad? In this case, you can apply for a passport at the nearest embassy or consulate. However, it is worth checking in advance on the website of the embassy or consulate what documents are required and what the opening hours are. Embassies and consulates often offer the possibility of making an appointment in advance, which is particularly useful for establishments with a large number of visitors.

What documents are required for a passport application?

When preparing for a visit to the office to apply for a passport, it is important to gather all the necessary documents. According to the official website of the Republic of Poland, the following documents are required:

– A completed passport application form – this form can be obtained and completed directly at the passport point.

– An up-to-date colour passport photograph – the photograph should have been taken no earlier than six months prior to the application. This is important as an out-of-date photo can cause problems, for example at border control.

– Proof of payment for your passport – proof of payment is required. If you are entitled to a discount, you will need to enclose documents proving your entitlement to a discount, such as a student card, or documents entitling you to a full fee waiver.

– A current valid passport or identity card – if you do not have a passport, an identity card will suffice.

– An abridged or complete copy of your Polish marriage certificate – required if your name has been changed after marriage abroad.

In some cases, the official may also require additional documents. This may be an abbreviated copy of a Polish civil status certificate or a certificate of Polish citizenship, especially if doubts arise as to the identity of the applicant or if any discrepancies are noted in the documents provided.

What is the cost of issuing a Polish passport?

The basic fee for issuing a passport is 140 PLN. However, we can take advantage of a 50% discount by paying only 70 PLN if we meet one of the following conditions:

– We are a pupil or student.

– We are a pensioner or a person with a disability.

– The applicant’s spouse is a pensioner or a person with a disability and is a dependent.

– We live in a nursing home or care facility.

– We receive a permanent social assistance benefit.

– We are a veteran or a victim of war and post-war repression.

– We have a nationwide Large Family Card as a parent or spouse of a parent in a large family.

There is also a 75% discount, which means a fee of PLN 35, for:

– Persons under 26 years of age who are studying, studying and come from large families with a nationwide Large Family Card.

– Children with disabilities from large families who hold a nationwide Large Family Card.

The following are exempt from the passport fee:

– Persons who are over 70 years of age.

– Persons residing in nursing homes or care institutions, travelling abroad for long-term treatment or surgery.

– Recipients of a permanent social assistance allowance, travelling abroad for long-term treatment or surgery.

– Persons who have been issued with a technically defective passport.

– Soldiers assigned to serve abroad (except professional soldiers).

How long does it take to get a passport and where can I collect it?

The process of getting a passport usually takes around 30 days, so it is worth planning ahead, especially if you are planning to travel abroad. The waiting time is around a month, but this can vary depending on the period and the number of applications submitted.

In situations where we need a passport urgently, it is possible to apply for a temporary passport. This document is issued in the shortest possible time, but only in special circumstances, such as life or work emergencies that require immediate departure.

Once we have applied for a passport, we must collect the finished document in person at the same office where we applied. It is important to remember that passports are not sent by post or courier, which means that collection requires the applicant to be present. So make sure you plan to collect according to the office’s opening hours to avoid unnecessary delays.

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