What Is Addiction Studies and Why Is It Important?

There are a lot of statistics flying around about America’s addiction problem. But here’s an encouraging one for a change. A study published in 2020 found that around 75% of adults with a substance abuse problem are in recovery.

That’s right – addiction is a huge problem, but there is life after addiction. People who are in the grip of addiction need the help of people who understand what they’re going through. People who have specialist knowledge, education, and training in addiction studies.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of people with substance abuse problems? A bachelor’s in addiction studies could be a great career move. Explore exciting career opportunities by earning a bachelor’s in addiction studies, opening doors to roles in top-notch facilities like luxury rehab California.

But what does it involve? What will you learn? And what careers can you pursue after completing it?

Let’s take a deep dive into everything you need to know about an addiction studies bachelor program.

What Is Addiction Studies?

Addiction studies is an important area of academia that helps students to understand the nature of addictions. It examines what causes addictions and the role of counseling and social services in recovery. It also explores the wider impact of addiction on individuals, families, and communities.

You’ll learn how to counsel individuals who are struggling with substance addiction. You’ll also look at how addictions are assessed and treated. You’ll review the effectiveness of various addiction prevention protocols and policies.

An addiction studies bachelor program will include practical experience in the field. This will give you the chance to apply what you are studying.

A Bachelor in Addiction Studies is typically a Bachelor of Science degree. It may be delivered through a mixture of online classes, independent study, in-person classes, and work placements.

A bachelor’s in addiction studies can help you to become a qualified counselor. In the US, this is called a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC).

This credential requires you to complete 6,000 hours of supervised, full-time work in an approved setting. You may be allowed to claim some of the coursework from your bachelor’s degree toward this requirement.

Why Would You Want to Take Addiction Studies?

The reasons for taking addiction studies are as varied as the people who enroll. But the common thread is that they want to give something back.

Some students may be in recovery themselves and be seeking a deeper understanding of their own issues. This can get them into a position to help others and sustain their own recovery. Others have experienced substance abuse in their family and want to help others to break free from that situation.

Other people are already working in the world of substance abuse recovery and want to develop their careers further.

Why Addiction Studies Is Important

Taking an addiction studies bachelor’s degree can be a springboard to a long and rewarding career. The prospects for future employment look good.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook in this field is very strong. It is expected to rise by 23% – much faster than average – between 2020 and 2030.

Job Satisfaction

Many drug and alcohol counselors report a high degree of job satisfaction. That’s because they get to make a genuine difference in people’s lives. And it’s not just the individual they work with that benefits.

Every person with an addiction is surrounded by family, friends, and a community. They can all potentially benefit from your help and expertise. Imagine the satisfaction that comes from working with an individual who turns their life around with your help!

Addiction Is a Growing Problem

The global addiction problem looks set to rage on and is growing right now. The pandemic set a lot of people back. This has led to an increase in demand for mental health services according to the American Psychological Association.

Experts indicate that misuse of opioids and stimulants is on the rise. Therefore, your services as someone who has completed addiction studies programs are likely to be in high demand for years to come.

Most People Recover

As we learned at the outset, about 75% of people with an addiction are in recovery. They only get there with the help of friends, family, and qualified individuals. By completing an addiction studies bachelor’s program, you can become a key part of many people’s recovery journey.

Develop as a Person

The critical thinking and self-analytical skills you develop as part of an addiction studies course can help you in your own life. You’ll be able to take a more reflective approach to your own decision-making.

It can also help you to have a positive view of your situation and the opportunities you have been given. It will improve your communication skills, which also helps with other relationships.

Lead to Further Study

Completing an addiction studies bachelor’s program could lead to further study. There’s also the possibility of undertaking meaningful research.

Do you have an interest in research and scientific discovery? This may be another way for you to make a positive impact in the lives of people with addictions.

The Benefits of Addiction Studies

Addiction continues to be a huge medical and social problem around the world. There are millions of people out there who need help from well-trained addiction professionals to turn their lives around.

Would you like to make a real difference in someone’s life? Would you like to help someone be the mother, father, sister, or brother they want to be? Taking a bachelor’s in addiction studies could be a great choice and lead to a rewarding career.

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