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What Does the Home Building Process Actually Look Like in Practice?

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. How big is it? Does it have a nice backyard? Do you only want hardwood floors?

60% of people say they prefer a new build that’s a little more than 2,000 square feet to help them entertain guests. However, your dream house might be a little different.

Luckily, the types of homes being built are endless, but going through the process takes time. Keep reading to know what to expect from the home building process.


The home building process begins with initiation when the project’s blueprints get into the hands of the construction team. You can find a creative design team to build blueprints at Millseloge.com.

The initiation step involves getting the construction team on the same page. Everyone should understand the scope of the project while being aware of major challenges that might come up.

The construction team’s leader will take the vision of the architect and create to-dos for the team to follow.


Planning is the next step in residential construction that involves the homeowner as well as the construction team. Planning narrows in on the specifics of what needs to get done and when.

Homeowners should receive a timeline, budget, and estimated move-in date during this stage. Because of this, the planning stage tends to take longer than a homeowner might like.

The team wants to make sure their estimates are correct to avoid giving false hope. Don’t rush the builders or the details won’t be as accurate. Keep in mind that projects tend to shift a little throughout the process.


If the planning stage was done accurately, the implementation stage should run smoothly. The construction team will begin to break ground by following a carefully curated plan.

Hiccups like uncovered foundation issues or supply chain problems might occur during this stage. Sometimes there is no way around these unexpected challenges.

Performance and Monitoring

Once challenges are sorted out and things continue to move forward as planned, project and construction managers begin to have a daily role in the process.

They will look into the performance of the project by monitoring team members. They are the ones to make sure every detail is as it should be.

You might get a phone call from the project manager during this time telling you they need to extend the timeline. This is because a project manager recognizes they need to make adjustments.


The final and best part of creating your dream home is the closing stage. The closing stage happens when the home is finally complete or about to be.

The project manager and construction team will present the home for inspection. Once the home is deemed safe to move into and you love every nook and cranny of your new build, it’s time to close!

The Home Building Process in Action

The best homes are those you create from the ground up. When you opt for a new build, you’ll go through a lengthy home building process that ends in the homeownership of your dream house!

The process involves initiation, planning implementation, and performance and monitoring. When these steps are complete, you’ll go through the closing process and move into your new home.

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