What Does a Title Company Do?

Home transactions complete around eleven million per year in the United States alone. But what happens when you get involved with buying or selling a property?

You likely have a lot of questions. For example, how do you handle getting your money, what do you do with paperwork, etc. What you likely don’t know is that you likely need the services of a title company to handle the legalities.

So, what is the purpose of title agency? and what does a title agency do? We’ve got answers here.

Title Agency and Its Role in the Real Estate Industry

When you’re buying a home, a title company does a lot more than just hand you the keys. In fact, their work starts long before you ever set foot in your new home. They’re responsible for making sure the property is legitimate and that there are no outstanding claims against it.

Here’s a look at what a title company does and how they help protect your investment.

What Is a Title Examination?

Title agency is a business that provides title insurance and settles real estate transactions. A title examination is a process of reviewing a property’s title to ensure that there are no outstanding claims or liens against the property. The title company will also conduct a search of public records to ensure that the property is free and clear of any encumbrances.

Once the title examination is complete, the title company will issue a title insurance policy to the buyer, which will protect the buyer against any future claims or liens against the property.

Roles of a Title Company

The title company has several roles in a real estate transaction. They include preparing and issuing the title insurance policy, researching the property’s title history, coordinating the closing of the sale, and disbursing the funds from the sale.

They are responsible for ensuring that the property is free and clear of any legal claims. They also work with the lender to ensure that the loan is properly recorded and that the collateral is protected.

Who Needs Title Services?

Most people involved in a real estate transaction will need to use the services of a title company at some point. This includes buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents. Title companies play an important role in protecting the interests of all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Benefits of Title Services

Title services can help to expedite the closing process on a piece of property. In some cases, title companies like can even help to negotiate better terms on a loan or mortgage.

Enlist the Help of a Title Agency

A title agency does a few different things. They act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller to make sure all of the paperwork is in order. They also make sure that the property taxes are up to date and that there are no outstanding liens on the property. Lastly, they issue title insurance to protect the buyer in case there are any problems with the title down the road.

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