What Causes a New Glasses Headache?

Are aware that 6 out of ten people in the U.S. wear glasses? If you’re a glasses wearer, you might have felt a bit of pain in your head when you begin wearing a new pair of glasses.

Tons of people feel this pain when trying out new glasses, but what causes new glasses headaches? Is it dangerous? Should you seek out medical help if you feel it?

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about headaches with new glasses.

Adjustment Pains

The most simple reason why your head might ache after changing glasses is a simple case of adjustment. Your eyes have a particular way of working — even if they’re causing sight problems. When you introduce an element that’s going to change the way your eyes work, your head might ache trying to adjust to it.

This is because your eyes — and the parts of your brain that control your eyes — will be working extra hard, causing strain. The change itself might also cause pain.

If your new-glasses headache does away after a few days, your headache was likely caused by your eyes adjusting.

Tight Frames

Your eyes might have nothing to do with your headache at all — it might, instead, be caused by the tightness of your frames.

If your frames are too tight in even one place, this can cause extra strain on your face, which can cause a headache. Your glasses might pinch extra pressure on your nose, which can cause a radiating headache. The same can be true with the area just above your ears.

It’s easy to blame eyeglass problems on your prescription, but your frames can cause just as many problems.

Incorrect Perscription

After all of the rigamarole of going to the eye doctor and getting checked out, it’s hard to admit that you might have gotten the incorrect prescription. The prescription is supposed to be the solution to eye concerns, not the cause of more problems.

However, if you get an incorrect prescription, your glasses can cause just that.

The eyes are very precise organs. If they’re getting help that’s too strong or too little, they can be put under some serious strain. Your pupils also need to be precisely measured, otherwise, you’ll wind up with a considerable strain.

To ensure that you get the right prescription, it’s important that you come into your appointment with some information and the correct questions to ask. Review an eye health checklist so you’re ready to get the correct health prescription.

Mitigate New Glasses Headache

One of the biggest problems in getting a new pair of glasses is new glasses headache. Fortunately, this is a common affliction and doesn’t indicate further problems.

A new glasses headache can be caused by adjustment pains, tight frames, or an incorrect prescription.

For more articles like this, check out our “health” section.

A new glasses headache can be caused by adjustment pains, tight frames, or an incorrect prescription.

For more articles like this, check out our “health” section.


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