What Are the Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies?

When you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, it certainly helps to know what some of the most valuable ones in the community are. After all, you want to make sure that you can get the best value for your money should you choose to invest. The good news is that this guide has been created to give you the full overview when it comes to understanding what some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are. It is worth reading now to get an idea of what they could be. First, it’s important to ask the all-important question: 

How Do You Define Value? 

One of the trickiest parts of investing is knowing what something is worth. Defining value in the crypto space is especially complicated. You could measure a coin by how much it costs but considering that a Bitcoin is worth over $21,000 and its close competitor Ripple is worth a third of a Dollar, this doesn’t necessarily make sense. 

You could also define something by its market cap, but a lot of useful coins don’t necessarily have a market cap, which is itself something artificial that the owner of a coin themselves can buy. Instead, it’s a good idea to define value by the trading volume, as you will then be able to see how popular the coin itself is. Read on below for the three coins that have been picked. 


Considering that Bitcoin is the coin that most people associate with cryptocurrencies, it will come as no surprise that Bitcoin currently has the highest amount of people trading it, as well as the most people having traded it over time. With a current worth of over $21,000 and a market cap of $410 billion, it is a currency that stands the test of time, and one that people love. 


Tether might have a price just ether so slightly under one US dollar now, but this is a cryptocurrency that is currently being traded incredibly highly, with many people excited about what the cryptocurrency has to offer. This is likely one that people will be interested in in the weeks and months to come. 


Having been invented back in 2015, it’s safe to say that Ethereum is one of the most exciting and promising of all the cryptos, especially due to the potential that its platform offers. Some experts even say that it might one day overtake Bitcoin as the most important coin.  If you would like to know the price of ethereum today, then it’s worth looking at OKX now.


After reading this guide, you should now have a clear value as to what the most valuable currencies are and whether investing in them is the right choice for you. Now you are armed with all the most important tools, you will be able to make smart decisions in your future as a crypto investor. Good luck in your crypto-investment journey today – make sure you do your research before investing. 

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