What Are the Most Valuable Coins of All Time?

We take it for granted when we’ve got a handful of clinking change, but a single coin can be worth a small fortune. Look at this North Carolina man who found a single coin worth more than $200.

So slow down before digging through a relative’s forgotten coin collection or buying a metal detector to hunt for your hidden treasure. You never know what you might find!

Read on to find out which coins are the most sought-after in our top four most valuable coins.

King Edward III and His Leopards

Everything on this list will be rare, and in the case of this 1343 Florin, we’re talking very rare. Only three of these coins, two of which are safe in a museum in London. In an exciting twist related to our example of a man and his metal detector, the third turned up similarly.

Unlike the above example, this coin almost went for a million dollars in an auction. Perhaps that’s not surprising, considering it’s a piece of history! If you find an ancient golden coin with a king and two leopards, it could be this one!

Franklin’s First Cent

The 1787 Fugio cent gets its namesake from the Latin “FUGIO” written on the face of the coin. On the other side, there’s a nod to the at-the-time thirteen states of America, depicted by the 13-link chain.

It’s not a terrible place to start a collection if you can get your hands on one since it isn’t too expensive. You might want to look at Littleton coin albums to keep it somewhere special, too.

The Error Coins

Mint errors were once common, and they fetch a high price in the collector market. One of the most valuable mint error coins is the 1969 Washington Quarter.

The actual coin itself is warped, with the placement of everything appearing a little “off.” It’s a unique piece and got a lot of interest before selling for $600.

The Queen of the Most Valuable Coins

Are you asking, “What is the most valuable coin in the world?” We’ve got the answer.

People usually refer to something being the “king,” but “queen” might be a little more fitting. Not that the coin has anything related to the monarchy, but it does depict Lady Liberty, hair flowing across the face of the coin.

This coin from 1794, named the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, is the most expensive coin in the world. It was the first silver dollar, and almost less than 100 exist, which explains the monumental $10 million price tag.

It’s not just one of the most valuable US coins. It’s the most valuable coin in the world.

Starting a Coin Collection

If you’re getting your first coin collection, you don’t need to populate it with the most valuable coins ever made. There are plenty of fascinating pieces out there that can distinguish your collection without breaking the bank.

Coin collecting might not be your thing, but it’s one of the most popular collection hobbies. Look through the rest of our blog if you’re interested in odd and unusual topics.


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