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What Are the Different Types of Wells That Exist Today?

The global water well drilling market will reach $5 billion by 2024.

If you’re interested in constructing a new water well on your property, knowing the different types is essential. Doing so enables you to access the most beneficial type of well for your needs, ensuring the best hydration experience from your new well.

We’ve put together this beginner’s guide to help you understand the many different types of wells – and what they’re used for.

1. Drilled Wells

A drilled well is a type of well created by drilling a hole in the ground. The type of drilling equipment used for this type of well varies depending on the soil and rock conditions.

This type of well is typically used for residential wells but can also be used for oil and gas wells. The depth of the well depends on the drilling equipment used and the well’s purpose.

Wells are exposed to a lot of elements as time passes and because of constant use. It is essential to take care of its foundation so that it would not cave in. Make sure to deal with experts in getting water well maintenance to ensure a proper water source and in having the best wells.

2. Driven Wells

A driven well is a type of well that uses a pipe, usually made of metal, to reach an underground water source. The process involves driving or pounding the line into the ground until it reaches the water table. A screen at the end of the pipe keeps sand and sediment from entering the well.

3. Manual or Hand-Dug Wells

A hand-dug well is a hole in the ground that is dug by hand. The well is lined with a pipe and a pump to draw water from the well. These well systems are excavated in areas where water is not accessible, such as deserts or dry areas.

The water in a hand-dug well is not always clean, as bacteria or chemicals from the surrounding soil may have contaminated it. However, if the well has proper construction and maintenance, it can provide a clean and safe water source. Ensure to have your well inspected from time to time to check if there are problems that needs to be fixed.

4. Artesian Wells

Artesian wells are wells that tap into an underground water source that is under pressure. The water in these wells rises to the surface without requiring pumps.

5. Spring-Fed Wells

Spring-fed wells are unique because they are naturally fed by underground springs. The water in a spring-fed well is always fresh and clean. Spring-fed wells are also very stable, meaning they are not as likely to dry up in periods of drought.

Access Clean Water With These Types Of Wells

A well is a structure built to bring groundwater to the surface for use. Many different types of wells exist today, each with its unique purpose.

Other wells include oil wells, gas wells, and geothermal wells. Each type of well can extract different materials from the ground, making them an essential part of our world today.

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