What Are the Different Types of Venues That Are Used Today?

Do you have a plan of renting a venue for your next event?

According to Bizzabo, about 95 percent of Americans believe in-person events have a significant effect on achieving your company goals. So, deciding on the right type of venue can make all the difference.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what types of venues there are. We have put together this best corporate event guide to help you understand all of your options.

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An arena is a large enclosed area that is designed for sports or entertainment events. Arenas are often found in cities and are usually surrounded by many seats for spectators. The first modern arena was built in 1779 and, since then, they have become increasingly popular.

Today, different arenas are used for a variety of events. Sports arenas are the most common type of arena and are used for basketball, hockey, and other sports. Concert arenas are another type of arena that is used to host musical performances.

These arenas usually have a stage for the performers, the event management team, and the audience.


The most common type of theater is the movie theater. Movie theaters show films on a large screen and use a projector to project the image. Other types of events theater include live theaters, which show plays or musicals, and drive-in theaters, which show movies in a parking lot.

Some theaters are private, such as those in schools or hospitals, while others are open to the public.


Some of the best venues include high school stadiums, college stadiums, and professional stadiums. Each of these stadiums offers a unique experience for the fans that attend the events.

High school stadiums are typically smaller but offer a more intimate setting for the fans. College stadiums are usually much larger and can accommodate more fans.

Professional stadiums are the largest of all the venues and can seat tens of thousands of fans.

Conference Centers

You can usually find conference centers in hotels, dedicated conference facilities, and converted warehouses. Hotel conference centers are a popular choice for small to mid-sized events. They have a variety of meeting rooms, as well as on-site catering and audiovisual services.

Larger events may be better suited for dedicated conference facilities, which often have more flexible layouts and can accommodate more attendees.

If you’re looking for a unique setting, converted warehouses and other non-traditional venues can be a great option. These venues often have high ceilings and ample natural light, creating a spacious and airy feel.

Outdoor Event Spaces

Public parks are perhaps the most popular choice for outdoor events. They offer a large, open space that can accommodate a variety of activities.

Beaches are another popular option, especially in the summer. They offer a beautiful natural setting for an event. Private gardens are a great option for more intimate events. They offer a lovely setting and typically have more privacy than public parks or beaches.

Rooftops are a unique option for outdoor events. They offer a great space for more intimate gatherings.

Different Types of Venues

The different types of venues that are used today are countless. It is an important factor to consider the purpose of the event when choosing a venue rental. These include arenas, theaters, stadiums, conference centers, outdoor spaces, and more.

It is important to do research on the various venues available to choose the one that is right for your event.

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