What Are the Different Types of Eye Injuries?

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Whether or not your eyes are healthy, it’s good to understand the different types of eye injuries. It’s easier to keep your eyes protected when you know what danger’s lurking. Read this guide on the different types of eye injuries in order to keep your peepers safe today.

Blunt Trauma

When you visit this site, you can see different eye treatment options for eye injuries. Whether you’re experiencing a severe or minor eye injury, it’s still important to keep your eye doctor in the loop.

Whether you experience compression or another form of damage, blunt trauma damages the delicate eyes. You might experience bleeding between the iris and cornea.

Avoid using a finger or solid object since it can lead to blunt trauma. Blunt trauma can lead to cataracts or cloudy vision.

Chemical Burns

Whether you’re exposed to substances or chemicals, you could experience burns. This can lead to burns on your cornea and cause problems and pain.

If anything is splashed into your eye, it’s vital that you first clean your hands and then use lukewarm water for your eyes. You’ll want to flush your eye for up to 20 minutes and remove contact lenses first. Reach out to your eye doctor to see about the next steps.

Corneal Abrasions

Your cornea can sustain abrasions and scratches, similar to your skin. You might notice a bloodshot area where you have a corneal abrasion. Seek treatment from your doctor and don’t touch the area.

Bleeding in the Eye

If you strain too hard or scratch your eye, it can lead to bleeding. If you notice any sort of bleeding, reach out to your doctor.

Orbital Fractures

Blunt force or other trauma is damage to the bones. This is when a fist or object hits you in the eye. The bones inside your eye socket could shatter when this happens.

Foreign Bodies

Whether it’s plastic, metal, or wood, you’ll want to get to the doctor right away. Don’t try to pull out pieces on your own without letting a trained professional do this.

Certain metals could cause a rusty stain inside of your cornea. This will require treatment.

Ultraviolet Keratitis

Ultraviolet keratitis is a corneal flash burn. It’s similar to a sunburn of the cornea.

Common causes include tanning booths, welding arcs, and sunlight. The sun can be reflected off of water, snow, or other reflective surfaces. UV damage is more common at higher altitudes.

Some symptoms include:

  • Redness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Pain
  • Feeling like something is in the eye

You might not experience symptoms for hours after exposure. Don’t ignore symptoms that you might experience.

Another common injury is solar retinopathy. This is where you might have decreased vision with a small area that has central blurring.

Intraorbital Foreign Bodies

You can have foreign bodies in the intraorbital or corneal area. Intraorbital damage could cause double vision, pain, decreased vision, and more.

You might experience symptoms hours to days after an injury. There’s the potential of not experiencing any symptoms either.

Eye Injury Symptoms

Look out for bleeding, change in the eye’s appearance, or problems with eye movement. Redness or bruising could be a sign as well.

Eye Injury Causes

One of the most common reasons for a serious eye injury is due to an accident. Whether that’s in a car, sports accident, or another reason. Shattered glass can enter and damage your eyes during a car accident.

Grease or other chemicals around your home can cause damage to your eyes as well. Be careful with what you use to clean your home.

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity, an eye patch might work for a minor eye injury. This will allow your eye to rest while it’s healing.

Prescription eye drops or eye flushing is another great option. In order to relieve pain, you can use a cold compress.

When Should I See a Doctor?

While some accidents are obvious to seek medical care such as the loss of the eye, minor injuries might not be. Don’t let eye injuries go since they can cause blindness or low vision problems.

For serious injuries, skip the trip to the eye doctor and instead go to the Emergency room. Workplace eye injuries could cause problems for your whole body instead of just your eye.

Don’t try to remove sharp objects on your own. Go to a doctor and let them perform this action. Don’t wait, reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

Other reasons include:

  • Urgent problems
  • For young children
  • Cuts on the eyeball or eyelid
  • Split open skin
  • Shap objects that hit the eye

How To Prevent Eye Injuries

Whenever you’re in or outside working on something, wear protective goggles or glasses. This is vital during different activities or sports that could damage your eyes.

Be careful if you use fireworks. Read all of the instructions and keep a safe distance. Wear eye protection when you shoot off fireworks too.

Understanding the Different Types of Eye Injuries

After exploring this informative guide, you should have a better idea of the different types of eye injuries out there. Keep your eyes safe and avoid any behavior that could harm them.

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