What Are the Closest Synonyms of Reword?

When putting out content on the internet, it has become more difficult for students, writers, and professionals to avoid plagiarism. 

That’s why different rewording tools have been created over the years. And they are available to help churn out plagiarism-free quality content.

Rewording has been useful over time and has several “nicknames” or synonyms. We will address some of the closest synonyms of ‘rewording’ in this article. 

What Is Rewording? 

Rewording simply implies changing the words of a sentence to make it similar to the original sentence. When you reword a sentence, it means you change some pieces of words without changing the meaning or content of the sentence. If you’d love to go for a spin, reword your article here.

Close Synonyms of Rewording 

Here are some of the closest synonyms of reword:

  • Paraphrase 

Paraphrasing means expressing the meaning of a written or spoken sentence using other words aside from the ones used in the original content. This is usually done to achieve better clarity and avoid quoting verbatim. Most times, people paraphrase the information from a sentence. 

A good example of paraphrasing: 

  • Original sentence: He has tons of stuff to throw away.
  • Paraphrased sentence with 0% plagiarism: He needs to get rid of a lot of junk.
  • Redraft

Redraft means writing a piece again to fit all the arguments together. With redraft, you shift paragraphs around and aren’t bothered about losing thoughts. Moreover, in redrafting you ensure to remove all unnecessary information and replace it with better content. 

Redrafting is common among academia, professionals, and researchers. When they come out with a line of thought, they keep refining it, till it becomes better. 

  • Restate 

Restate means when a writer describes an idea or information using the same idea. The aim of restating a word is to ensure the listener better understands what you are saying. 

  • Original sentence: Why is pizza your favorite food?
  • Restated sentence with 0% plagiarism: Pizza is my favorite food because it is cheesy and yummy
  • Rewrite 

To rewrite a word is to convey a message differently to improve on the original information or include new data. You can use to rewrite your sentence and make it pass the plagiarism test. 

  • Translate 

Translation means changing information from one language to another. To translate a word means turning a content without removing the original meaning and structure from one language to another. You can translate a word from French to English, Latin to Spanish, German to Russian— the list goes on. 

  • Interpret 

Another synonym for rewording is to interpret a word. Most times interpretation is similar to translation, however sometimes when you interpret information, you are saying it so that your audience can understand it better. People interpret data for better clarity and information 

  • Reformulate

Reformulate means when you change a word or content so that it has a slightly different idea than the original version. Reformulate is common with media houses especially when it comes to breaking news. 

They try to reform news to try to sound a bit different from the main information. It’s similar to revising or reworking content.

Bottom line

Rewording is a great way to change a sentence without losing meaning. It has a plethora of synonyms which we have explained above.

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