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Garden Fence Ideas To Protect Your Plants

The worst nightmare of garden lovers is the crooked creature called a rodent. They just simply spill water after years of hard work to grow a garden. We can totally understand your pain. We have different sorts of decorative garden fencing ideas along with cheap garden fencing ideas and a few rustic garden fence ideas for your home’s protection, design and decor. Here are the garden fence ideas for you:

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Iron fence are the most preferred choice

The most preferred and traditional method of protecting gardens from rodents is using an iron net. We will not be reluctant to include this effective design in the rustic fence ideas category. Coloring the fence with brass color will complete the look.

Cover your area with a thick sheet of metal

The rodents have very sharp teeth. Add a thick sheet of metal as your garden fence. Make sure the height of the sheet till your chest. As rodents will be able to cross fences easily if it’s not lengthy. This can be used for horse fencing.

Bury your fence deep into the ground

Rodents will easily be able to enter the garden area if defense is not deep rooted. So no matter what material you choose make sure it is dug into the ground in depth.

Make wooden boxes and cover them with glass

Just like you keep your spices in a wooden glass covered box, do the same with the garden. It will provide a good look along with making your garden look good. 

Protect your garden with a glass boundary

A glass boundary in your garden beyond everything will look extravagant. This design can be categorized in the decorative garden fencing ideas. Rodents or any other animals will not be able to even get the essence of your garden.

Lattice design net for your garden

The appearance of your garden should not be hampered for the sake of protection. The lattice fence design can turn out to be the best among the garden fence ideas for its detailing. Go for this design even in your commercial, office spaces, shops, etc.

Plant cages will be a good idea

Instead of spending money in fencing you can add plant cages for the uninterrupted harvest of your vegetables. Plant cages can be removed whenever you wish to. Even if you have fencing, you still should have this design to add greater protection.

Wooden home for your plants

Your plants also need walls for protection. Where it is not possible to add a translucent roof over plants, you can always add walls around the plant. Simply by making wooden structures around the plantation you can achieve the look.

Basket weave design fence for a designer look

The decoration of your garden is as much of importance as of protection. You can have both with a basket weave fence. This type is rodent proof because of the small gaps and beautiful appearance too.

Hexagonal mesh fencing for your garden

Another beautiful yet effective fence idea you can have at your garden is the hexagonal mesh. The shape of the mesh fencing is hexagonal hence is named the hexagonal mesh fence. This fence can be categorized under cheap garden fencing ideas for it can be found at a much lower price.

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