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Web design tips for e-commerce

Online shopping is slowly but surely becoming the norm due to the incredible convenience it offers. It is a major reason why more and more people are starting e-commerce businesses. The e-commerce landscape is incredibly competitive and there are certain things you need to stay on top. Having excellent web design is among the most important elements every e-commerce store owner must consider. If you own an e-commerce store, mentioned below are some important tips you must follow.

Simplicity is Key

Keeping it simple is arguably the most important rule you must follow when designing an ecommerce website. While many people are tempted to add loads of content, color, photos, videos and whatnot, it usually results in clutter. The more clutter your website has, the lower its traffic will be. Therefore, it would be best to be concise and to the point. Steer clear from pop ups, banner ads and other similar things, as they will create difficulties in website navigation.

Remember, you do not need a lot of bells and whistles on your site as they do nothing but distract users. Instead, make sure your design is simple, clean and clear.

Prioritize Branding

When shopping online, people usually want to purchase from renowned, established brands. Therefore, you must focus on giving your e-commerce store an identity. Doing so is a surefire way to establish trust, which in turn will increase your sales. Since the e-commerce world is incredibly competitive, you must brand your store in a way that makes it stand out. This will help you connect with your customers and drive sales.

Remember, defining your brand may take time. You will need to consider things like name, color scheme, unique selling point and much more. Once you determine these things and incorporate them in your brand’s identity, more and more people will flock towards your e-commerce store.

Think like a Visitor

When you get a web design London expert or any other professional webs designer, you will notice that they always put themselves in the visitor’s shoes when thinking about a web design. Doing so helps them come up with the right design for e-commerce websites as they know what people will be expecting. Ultimately, customers expect a few things from ecommerce websites, and they are:

  • The website should be easy to navigate
  • It should not have clutter (pop ups, ads, unnecessary content)
  • Using it should be easy and hassle free

High Quality Images are the Way to go

Images are vital in web design. The better the images, the more the conversions. According to a case study, incorporating relevant photos in a site’s design can increase conversions by forty percent or even more. This is especially true when it comes to online shopping websites. Remember, no one wants to purchase a product based off a description. Consumers want to know how products look like before investing in them.

So, make sure you add high quality images of every product, which will help you gain the audience’s trust and increase your profitability.

Everything Should Look Professional

The main purpose of an ecommerce website is to invite visitors to buy your product. As a result, you are essentially asking your audience to provide sensitive information such as their credit card info, phone numbers etc. Of course, no one feels comfortable sharing this information if the website does not look professional. Therefore, it would be best to invest in a professional-looking website to build trust with customers.

Having a professional website means not having any misspellings or types. Also, make sure your color palette, font, footer design etc are consistent on every page. Check your website’s buttons and product links to see if they are working. If they are not, make sure to fix things right away before customers point it out.

As mentioned earlier, every photo on your ecommerce site should be of high quality. Low resolution pictures do not look reliable and could prevent your customer from adding a product to the cart. The point is, you must not take your customers for granted and show them how serious you are by ensuring your web design looks incredibly professional.

Social Proof is Vital

When designing an ecommerce website, try looking for ways to provide social proof to customers. One of the best ways to do that is by displaying positive feedback on your website. You can get feedback by adding a ratings section, allowing customers to comment and rate your products. You can even offer more social proof by incorporating a testimonial section on your site, including quotes and photos.

Doing all of this will add a great deal of credibility to your e-commerce website, increasing customers in the process.

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