Video Game Industry Jobs: How To Get Started With Your Career

Video games have revolutionized the world of entertainment over the past few decades. It is not surprising that in 2021, the video game industry in the United States was worth more than $86 billion. The sector employs more than 273,000 people.

Many people love video games so much that they are interested in video game industry jobs. However, breaking into the industry with no experience can be daunting. At the same time, getting started in the video game industry can be easier than you think. best Minecraft servers

It can take some time, but people willing to take the initiative can demonstrate their value to the industry. So how can you start taking steps towards getting video game industry jobs?

Read on to learn about essential strategies to enter the video game industry!

Get Involved on Discussion Boards

Most people appreciate guaranteed strategies. However, some of the best plans do not provide guarantees. In fact, because they do not provide assurances, there is less competition.

For example, you can start by interacting on video game discussion boards. People will appreciate your contributions over time if you provide value on discussion boards. And this might land you a job in the video game industry.

Start a Blog About Video Games

Most people who want to enter the video game industry do not start blogs. However, doing so can display your initiative. On top of that, it can show off your knowledge and skills.

Imagine working at a game studio and needing to find someone to hire. You can look through the resumes of many people who have similar experiences.

Or, you could hire someone who has started their own blog. Based on the blog’s quality, you would be able to tell—with a high degree of accuracy—whether they would be an asset at your video game studio.

Enroll in Online Game Development Training

Of course, you may not know much about video games right now. But you can start learning immediately without enrolling in an institution or landing a job. In fact, if you Google “how to make simple video games,” you can find options to start making games—today!

Over time, you can build up your knowledge until you can create games people will be interested in playing. On top of that, you can find all kinds of free educational opportunities related to video game design on the internet.

In some ways, taking this kind of initiative is even better than attending a professional educational institution. After all, learning this way proves to potential employers that you are self-motivated—and that is a serious asset to any company.

Land a Job Testing Video Games

You may not dream of ending up as a video game tester. However, video game testing is an entry-level position. So, if you want to end up in the video game industry, this is one way to get your foot in the door.

Most passionate gamers are already more than qualified to test video games. Just keep applying for positions until you get a job, do excellent work on the job, and you are almost guaranteed to work your way up the ladder.

Apply for Internships at Game Development Studios

Internships are another way to get your foot in the door of the video game industry. Your internship may or may not be paid.

Whether you get remuneration or not, an internship allows you to learn about the culture of the video game industry and improve your resume. However, be sure to do more than just the bare minimum while working as an intern to get the most out of the experience.

Get a Degree Relevant to the Video Game Industry

Another effective way to enter the video game industry is to get a college degree. These days, there are degrees specializing in game art and design.

However, you can also get a college degree that does not relate directly to the video game industry. Many jobs only require a bachelor’s degree in any field; employers do not always care what kind of bachelor’s degree you have.

On top of that, some video game studios are already full of employees who have gaming-related degrees. Some studios prefer to diversify their talent by hiring people from various backgrounds and educational fields.

Work in a Related Job at a Studio

The last way you can get a foot in the video game industry is by working at a studio in a position that has nothing to do with video games. For example, you could work in accounting, sales, on the reception desk, or even as a janitor.

Any job at a video game studio will allow you to learn more about the industry. You will also be the first to know when positions open up and what the managers and hiring team are looking for in candidates.

You can attend a game development boot camp after hours to ensure you are an ideal candidate.

Get Hired: Dream Video Game Industry Jobs

Many people love playing video games and would be thrilled to land video game industry jobs. However, they struggle to get started.

If you are willing to work hard, upskill as needed, and dedicate your life to video games, you can achieve this dream. It might take a long time, but remember, the journey is often as rewarding as the destination!

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