Vaginal Steaming: An Overview

Vaginal Steaming or V-steaming is a practice that has gained a lot of traction in the last few years, mainly due to celebrities reporting that there are many benefits of this process. For example, many people say that V-steaming has helped them relieve menstruation discomforts and improve fertility. But are these claims true? Let’s find out.

What is Vaginal Steaming?

It is no secret that ladies go through a lot with childbirth and menstruation. On top of that, changing hormones and pelvic floor complexities does not make things any easier for ladies. This is where vaginal steaming comes in as it is a very old and natural process that is said to clean the vagina and uterus, ease period cramps, and regulate menstruation. 

Vaginal Steaming Processes 

There are many ways to carry out vaginal steaming, and these processes tend to change based on the different cultural beliefs of different people. However, the most popular of all these processes is sitting on a toilet-like structure or even a pot filled with herbs and steaming water. The main intent behind the process is to enable the blended air to enter the vagina through the cervix and finally reach the uterus to yield different types of benefits. 

However, things have changed in modern times, and today there is an infusion of this age-old technique with modern treatments enabled by modern technologies. This process is called V-steaming, which uses many old processes while making the setup much more comfortable for the ladies. Now nobody needs to sit on a pot; instead, they can experience a therapeutic blend of herbs mixed with the stem and targeted towards the pelvic region. 

Potential Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

Most people tend to believe that there are many potential benefits of vaginal steaming. However, there are not much scientific evidence to support that claim because no research has been conducted to test the potential benefits of vaginal steaming. Nonetheless, here are a few of the reported benefits of this process:

  • Reducing fatigue and enhancing energy
  • Minimizing period symptoms such as cramps, heavy bleeding, bloating, and exhaustion.
  • Enhanced healing after giving birth to a child
  • Reducing headaches and stress 
  • Treating conditions like haemorrhoids and boosting fertility

Is Vaginal Steaming Safe?

Even though there are no scientific evidence to prove the safety of vaginal steaming, scientists and doctors agree that vaginas are not meant to be cleaned with steam. This is because overheating might be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to infections such as yeast aside from other vaginal infections. 

The vaginal skin is highly sensitive and delicate, and steaming it might cause vaginal burns and scalding. Also, there are no medical guidelines about going through the process, so it depends on the individual to decide which herbs to use and how often. Finally, due to the lack of study and research, there is no way to be certain if the process is totally safe or not.


It is understood that it can be very tempting to opt for such a relaxing experience, but one must not forget that vagina is a self-cleaning organ. However, if one decides to go for vaginal steaming, it is better to do it under the supervision of a trusted health clinic or spa center like Leiamoon.


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