12 Things Parrots Love to Eat

For years I have known a course from Ohio who would come into our home during the spring and stay for several days. My boys were about three at the time and during this time my wife would prepare many of the meals while I tended to the bird more times than I care to admit. During our visit my son noticed that one of the little birds, probably a cardinal, liked to sit on the window sill. He came over every single day to feed him. The trick was to get him to climb onto the sill by placing small treats, water, and other enticing goodies close to where he sat. After a few days of consistent visits my sons were finally able to coax the cardinal out from hiding.

Parrots have a very different way of communicating with each other that I have found amusing over the years. Like humans, they use their beaks, claws, and tongues to communicate many things with each other including; play, affection, hunger, safety, territory, sex, and many other things. Like people, they enjoy using all of these tools to interact with each other. In fact it has been suggested that parrots may actually use more than one tool at a time to play with each other which is sort of like human children playing with more than one toy at once. I have taken some of this old Conure history and incorporated it into what I now believe are 12 Things Parrots Love to Eat and why they should be added to your pet’s diet.

Unlike other birds that tend to rely on the four corners of a room for nesting areas, parrots eat in any area of your house. What is good to know is that your pet bird will eat more when you add variety to their diet. Below are 12 Healthy Foods Parrots Love to Eat and 12 Things Parrots Shouldn’t Be Eating.

– Avocados – This is another healthy food that parrots love to eat. Avocados contain a lot of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat which protects the body from harmful fats found in junk food and saturated fat. If you haven’t tried avocados mixed with your bird’s favorite treats, give them some now.

– Nuts are another healthy choice that parrots love. They contain a high amount of protein, which keeps your bird’s body feeling healthy. But don’t stop here. They are also very rich in antioxidants, which help the body fight off dangerous free radicals that cause damage to cells. If you add nuts to your parrot foods, you will be amazed by how healthy your bird becomes.

– Herring, Cress and Mustard Oil – These are great ingredients for parrot treats and there are plenty of sources of these ingredients around your home. You can also make your own out of mustard oil, cheese and herbs. Your bird will absolutely love the taste and you will get a discounted price too. Just add it to your bird’s food occasionally.

– Pellets bird seed – This is another popular ingredient in parrots foods. Pellets are made from wheat, corn or other grains. They are very nutritious as they are comprised of essential fatty acids, protein, calcium and various B vitamins. Your bird will digest and absorb these nutrients easily even when they are tiny. You should regularly give pellets bird seed to your birds as part of their parrot foods to get more energy and better health.

If you would like to give your pet bird a nutritious treat, try to consider some of the options above. Some of them are quite convenient while others might cost a little bit higher. However, if you are committed to provide something nutritious for your beloved pet bird, these ingredients will definitely work for you. Get a discounted price and save more by choosing the right brands and flavors of fruit blend flavor pellets bird food.

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