Use of Email Chatbots for your Business

Do you have any idea that you can increase your marketing results by simply integrating chatbots and email marketing?  Of course, more and more companies are going towards new and advanced ways to enhance their growth and business.

Now amidst so many advanced options, one option is of email bot. You know email marketing and chatbots have their own specific perks and can aid you achieve different marketing and business purchases. But what really if you integrate these to get better level of results from both? The point is these two powerful things do complement each other perfectly and either can get used to enhance the other’s performance.

Email marketing is one of the main website traffic sources and when the users visit or reach your website, chatbots can takeover by helping them with whatever they may be looking for. Otherwise, chatbots can gather relevant user information to simply fuel your email marketing campaigns. This is a well-balanced type of loop where both can aid to enhance the other and work hand-in-hand to offer better user experiences. Look forward to learn how to make use of email marketing and chatbots integration to your business advantage? Well, following are some of the powerful ways in which email marketing as well as chatbots integration can get done to get you finest results from both.

Enhanced Customer Support Using Chatbots and Email Marketing

Once users visit your website (or landing page), they might not be familiar with your products as well as services. So, there has to be someone who can simply guide them and enhance the efficiency of the process. To do such a thing , you can easily just integrate chatbot on your website and solve the issues that has been asked by the prospects. It is suggested to taking prospects’ email id so that you can easily send them noteworthy emails afterward with a professional email template.

Employ Chatbots to Generate Leads for Email Marketing

The easiest way to integrate chatbots and email marketing is to make use of chatbots to produce leads by collecting email addresses for that of email marketing. Chatbots can ask your website visitors to offer their email addresses by offering some types of incentives.

For example, you can easily train your chatbot to ask for a user’s email address at the end of a specific conversation. The incentive can be that they shall get personalized offers and discounts, stay updated on the advanced content on your website, and more. Similarly, remember that chatbots can even ask for your email address to get you in touch with the team  of the company or to provide better assistance.

Now, an example of a simple chatbot conversation can be where the chatbot gathers email addresses in the natural flow of the overall conversation. Indeed, this is a simple, yet effective way to produce leads for email marketing when still providing good user experience. This type of email marketing and chatbot integration can easily add a new source of lead generation for your overall business.

Moreover, not to miss that leads gathered this way are already qualified because these are simply your website visitors who involve with the chatbot. Moreover, you can even form up customer satisfaction surveys making use of the chatbot and receive the reply on email. This way thing scan flow in a smooth manner and without much effort.

Additionally, you can even choose to attach educational videos about your product & services. Use the best type of online video editor tool to create and edit explainer and informative type of videos. It can enhance your overall brand awareness. So, they have already displayed some interest in your business and are all set and ready to get nurtured further.

Form up Segmented Email Lists Using Chatbots

Chatbots gather useful user data and insights that may help you segment your email lists as per different parameters. You might , for instance, use demographics like gender, age, etc. To segment your email lists. You can even take this a notch higher and form up segmented email lists on the basis of past purchase history as well as user preferences.

With chatbots, such a thing can happen in real-time. Chatbots can easily and effectively collect this information and segment each use to the most pertinent email lists. They can even send this user data to your email marketing platform and as well as to specific mailing lists. Now, this is something that enhances the effectiveness of your email campaigns manifolds as you can then easily create personalized emails for folks in different lists. Of course, all thing gets simpler , efficient and effective!

Use Insights From Chatbot Conversations to Personalize Emails

Adding to the just the previous point, insights gathered about a user from chatbots are absolutely helpful in personalizing your emails. It is not really just limited to segmented email lists but can even be extended further by personalizing emails on that of an individual level.

Chatbots are specifically trained to ask specific questions to users, to provide them with proper personalized product recommendations and tips. This valuable user data gets stored in chatbots’ past conversations logs and can even be put to simply good use by making use of it for sending personalized emails. Hence, with the use of the knowledge and information acquired about the users, you can make the emails that are specifically personalised to get the best results.

Just imagine , a user purchases a product based on a chatbot’s recommendation and you simply send an email with similar product recommendations that the user might could be interested in. Given that they already made a specific purchase, they would be more probable to purchase again in case you show them things that they could like.

Sending personalized type of emails like these can aid you engage your audience and encourage repeat purchases. This simply means that email marketing and chatbots integration must also be one of your ecommerce sales strategies for the year.


So, you can make the most of email chatbot to ensure that your business grows and stays ahead in the industry.


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