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Types of Window Screens: Which One Is Right for Your Home?

Your windows are the eyes to your home’s soul. As the homeowner, you know your home’s comfort, style, and curb appeal can’t be complete without touching the windows. To achieve this, you’ve already installed the right types of windows, window treatment, and painting.

But wait, so you’re yet to achieve the intended look? If yes, it’s time to install the right types of window screens in your home.

The window screen will help you enrich your living experience by creating an open-air, fresh environment. Apart from this, window screens help prevent flying insects, bugs, and leaves into the house without blocking the view or airflow. And if your climate is hot, then a dense window screen can help regulate heat and sunlight.

If installing new or replacing outmoded window screens, you’ve got a myriad of options to pick from. However, keep in mind window screens are not created equal. To enhance the aesthetic appeal and increase your home’s value, you must get it right when choosing one.

Wondering what your options are? Read more to learn the different types of window screens available.

Fiberglass Window Screens

Fiberglass is one of the popular window screens used by homeowners. Some of the reasons why it’s preferred are because it doesn’t stain, rust, or corrode. Also, they are preferred due to their affordability, flexibility, and lightweight material.

They are removable window screens and are a great option for both windows and patio doors. Also, you’ve got multiple options for sizes, colors, and styles to consider.

A fiberglass screen is small and can keep insects and bugs at bay while allowing for ventilation and natural light. Also, you might come across even smaller screens of this type, but they aren’t efficient in allowing airflow.

However, fiberglass is not without its drawbacks too. These window screens are less durable as compared to aluminum and will stretch over time and tear.

Metal Window Screens

Metal window screens are of different types, including;

• Aluminum

• Copper

• Bronze

• Stainless steel

• Brass

Aluminum is the most popular partly due to its rust-proof properties and affordability. However, stainless steel screens are also affordable and offer a clean, shiny look.

Brass, bronze, and copper screens types are high-performing but bear a higher price tag. The materials are very durable and offer a finished, eye-catching look. In most cases, they are mostly utilized in high-end and historical buildings.

Aluminum Window Screens

This type of screen involves a thin metal mesh. While aluminum window screens are more appealing and durable, they are prone to scratches and dents. Also, this window screen is more expensive compared to fiberglass, but its options and appearance make it worth the price.

When you opt for aluminum screening, you’ll have multiple sizes and colors to suit your needs and preferences. Also, this screen will last for a long time, looking as good as new and way better than fiberglass.

Retractable Window Screens

Retractable window screens are visible when the sash on either single- or double-hung windows are opened. When closed, this window screen will disappear.

This type of window screen creates a polished, cleaner look from both the exterior and interior. This means you don’t need to install extra stationary or traditional screens.

One of the major drawbacks of retractable window screens is that they can’t be added to an existing window. However, they are very easy to use on new windows, and you’ll just need to unlock the window, raise the sash, and the screen appears.

The screen is attached to the window sash using magnets. Also, you can choose to open the window and not have the screen. You’ll tilt the sash, and the screen will disengage and retract back into the sill. This means you don’t have to manually remove the screen when you don’t need it on the windows.

Solar Window Screens

Also known as sunscreens, solar window screens are mostly found on pool decks, porches, pool decks, or in homes in warm areas. The main purpose of these window screens is to block the sun’s heat, absorb extra heat and allow for privacy. Also, solar screens help reduce air conditioning costs low and maintain your furniture from fading.

While these window screens offer these major benefits, they reduce the amount of natural light in your home by about thirty percent. Thus, they might not be a great option if you want maximum natural light in your home. However, they are ideal options for individuals living in a warmer climate or if the sun is scorching in your area.

Privacy and Security Window Screens

People easily mistake security screens and aluminum screens due to their similar appearance. However, security screens are much stronger and thicker and can stand out against impact when necessary. These screens will also protect you from prying eyes and thus increase your privacy.

Also, you’ll have a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors to pick from depending on which suit your needs and preference. They are very easy to clean, and if looking for extra privacy and security, they are the ideal option for you.

Specialty Window Screens

These types of window screens are specifically designed for a specific purpose. They are ideal if you have your own unique need for installing a window screen. They are made to fit any window size and can be tweaked into place when ready to use.

One of the most common specialty window screens is pet-resistant screens. These screens are durable and are made from accentuated, vinyl-coated polyester. They are suitable for large dog owners and are normally sold as DIY projects.

Also, custom window screens could be the Zip Track Screen Systems that are retractable, drop-down screens. These are ideal to withstand higher winds.

These Are the Different Types of Window Screens Available

Window screens can help to boost the functionality, comfort, and curb appeal of your property. However, you need to be spot on when picking one to enjoy all the benefits. Be clear-headed and understand what to look for when choosing window screens.

Here are the different types of window screens that you’ll come across.

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