Trending Designs That Add To The Overall Appeal Inside Your Home

When it comes to making our house look better, we all are packed with crazy ideas. With the passing trends, our choices and preferences have also evolved. During this pandemic, most of us have spent the maximum of our time in our homes and we all have tried to redecorate our homes as per our capability. 

But knowing what’s best for our homes is not enough, you also need to know what is trending and how that can help increase the overall aesthetic of the homes. 

Tide Constructions work with leading industry designers and architects to bring the dream into reality and produce amazing forever homes. They work around your budget to ensure you get closer to your dream house without having to compromise on the overall look of the house. 

Here are some of the trending designs that add to the overall appeal inside your home:

Out-of-place mirror

Although this sounds like an extremely crazy idea, it never goes out of fashion. An antique mirror placed in some corner makes it very mysterious and ensures that the entire wall stands out. You can accompany the mirror with some bright color just to create a fun mismatched look. 

Oak Floors

This has been the most trendy, using wide plank oaks for the flooring. They are now also used in kitchens and living rooms to create a warm and welcoming feel. Thye produce an extremely classy look and can be easily suited to any kind of aesthetic. They can be paired with smart automated curtains and lighting just to make your home look luxurious. Tide Constructions does great with flooring. 

The ladder shelf

This is a very useful hack, it does not just add to the overall appeal of your home but also creates extra space for storing things. It is also an excellent way of showcasing your collection of favorite books or your life attachments both of which will be paradise to the eyes. It can also be accompanied by small plants and implement the element of surprise in the room. 

Accent ceilings

Coloring the walls and applying wallpapers have now become old, the new style that hits our heart is paneling or adding wallpapers to the ceiling. It is extremely new and makes the look of the room very different. No one will be able to stop staring and wondering exactly what is so attractive about it. 

Geometric prints

This has been a trend for quite some time now. Coloring the walls with royal blue and throwing some geometric prints in golden color has been my personal favorite. If throwing prints on the wall is too risky for you, then you can start by throwing them into accessories such as cushion covers or carpets just to experiment with how it matches your vibe and the aesthetic of the room. When it comes to design and construction in Brisbane, geometric prints hold a special place in everyone’s heart. 


You can always experiment with small changes here and there just to check how the aesthetic holds up. The above ideas may help you light up your room. Just add some cool comfort colors or neutral colors and they will have you stand out in the crowd.

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