Top Trends for Your Kitchen 2021 by Kitchen Fitters Manchester:

With the pandemic, a lot of us have spent a huge amount of time in our kitchens. And it has made us realise how our kitchens might be too boring and old now. If you are planning to revamp your space then hiring professional Kitchen Fitters Manchester services would be the best bet to do. However, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right designs and following the latest trends too.

We all know that life is unpredictable now and we are all spending more and more time within our homes, being great cooks and spending time with our families. Thus, we need to make sure that our safe haven looks pleasing to the eye and must be warm and welcoming.

With hygiene and cleanliness being the top priorities for everyone, including them in the latest kitchen trends and designs is also important. Therefore, we have summed up the best trends for you to try and once you decide the ones you want to follow, you can call in the best kitchen fitters Manchester to get them combined.

Make sure that you consult the pros before just blindly getting started. Ask for expert advice, whether the trends you have picked would look good in your space or not because the pros know the best; don’t they?

Kitchen Trends to Follow in 2021

So what can you do to ramp up your kitchen space and make it look powerful and aesthetically pleasing too? Well, let us have a look.

Warm Colours:

White is here (as always) and yes, it is one of the most loved choices for people but warm colours are somehow making their way in too. Warmer colour palette is ruling the kitchens in 2021 and you will be seeing more beige and accent shades of aqua in kitchens this year.

These colours are very comforting and have been inculcated by the expert designers, according to the situation that is creating havoc around the world. It gives a sense of calamity and warmness to a person who enters the kitchen. Combine the warm colours with accents of gold and woven textures and TADA; your kitchen is a sight to please.

New Touchless Faucets:

Keeping the hygiene and cleanliness requirements in mind, kitchen designers have focused on touchless faucets a lot this year. The best kitten fitters Manchester, are focusing highly on the installation of touchless faucets as they keep growing in popularity and in demand. Apart from being hygienic, these faucets increase productivity tool. Along with these faucets, the experts advise you to choose brushed finishes as they are low maintenance and don’t show fingerprints either. Matte black faucets are a huge YES by the pros and they look utterly chic too.

Smart and Increased Storage:

While you amp up your kitchen, to make it look pleasing to the eye; it is important to pay attention to the storage too. The pandemic did force a lot of us to unleash the inner chef but at the same time, it also boosted the rate of shopping of kitchen appliances and other items. Thus, according to the experts, it has left a huge strain on the kitchen storage systems of many.

In the beginning, it might not trouble some people but by the passage of time, it can become a huge concern. Thus, adding accurate storage space to your kitchen while you are remodeling it, is a good idea. Discuss your best storage possibilities with kitchen fitters Manchester experts and decide on something that adds functionality to your space but also makes it look prettier.


There is so much that can be done with your kitchen to make it look warm and welcoming. We all know that Covid-19 is not going anywhere and we can get locked inside, at any time of the year. Thus, to ensure that you enjoy that time indoors and have fun whilst you cook; your kitchen must give a vibe that soothes you and your eyes. With the latest kitchen trends, you can hire professional Handyman in Manchester services and remodel your space to perfection. Change is always good and it can be very soothing for the mind too.

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