How to Come Up with Blog Ideas in Few Minutes

Blogs have become quite prominent these days to shine in the market. Recently, blogs have emerged as a popular mode of communication. Interestingly, bloggers are rising in the market, coming with a fresh perspective on existing or new topics. Businesses can illustrate the importance of their products and services by writing personalized views.

With blogs, it is easy to drive the engagement of the target audience. You must be wondering what could be the best topics in your interest area? We’ll discuss how to come up with blog ideas in few minutes. These will give you an edge over others and allow you to express yourself beautifully.


# Keep idea notes with you

The human mind works interestingly. We get insightful clicks from several moments in life. Ideas could come to us from different directions and places such as:

  • Travel refreshes mind and body. Generally, ideas strike us while travelings.
  • Discussions are the best mediums to revitalize thought processes. We can put up questions to others, or other people can question us. It helps to brainstorm our minds.
  • Spending with yourself also helps. Sometimes we sit with ourselves, trying to connect different dots of life.

But, how to catch hold of these birds? Keep notes with you. It could be in the form of:

  • Handy Notepad.
  • Evernote.
  • Google Docs.
  • Or Anynote.

Self-writing notes are connected with our brain wires. But, e-notes are equally helpful. 


# Take help of idea generators

There is no shortage of idea generators online. You can take their help to give you great blog topics. Here is the list:

  • BuzzSumo: It will show the topics, how popular is it on social media, shares, and followers. You can assess its relevance online and its demand.
  • Ahref: You can find relevant keywords in your niche and industry. It will give you a detailed analysis of the competitor’s keywords. Furthermore, you can find the content gaps as well.
  • idea generator: Type a noun category in the search box. It shows you many headlines. You can click on it to get the infographics idea template.

Also, you can access SEO services if you want to find relevant topics, create excellent content, and optimize your website.


# Repurpose existing content

There are many people online who write on similar topics as that yours. You can search by putting a topic category on the Google console. It will show you many websites.

You can make a list of title that resonates with your mind. Some people see the headings and subheadings. And write the content by changing the wordings. But, what all is required?

And repurpose it from a different angle. It is best if you add value to it. Otherwise, copy-paste criteria won’t help much.


# Write about your story

Stories are the hottest selling blogs. People can easily connect to your story. What is the reason behind us? It is because everyone’s life journey is different. Readers like it more, as they can:

  • Learn from the writer’s experience.
  • Cherish the similar instances in their life.
  • Follow their topics of interest.

In any case, stories will help you giving readers a glimpse of our life. It will add a different dimension to your writing style.


# Check out the Book titles and online courses

Famous books and courses can serve your purpose very well. For book titles, go to an eCommerce website like Amazon. Mention the category in which you want to explore ideas.

Then, you will come across many book titles. You can click on the most selling book. Open the cover of the book. It will show you the table of contents. Indeed, it will give more ideas on how you can dig deep into the topic. 

According to Ilmibook online courses site like Udemy, Coursera is also the source head of the ideas. You can select the widely chosen courses by people. It even gives you the list of modules and their subparts. From this, you can select the relevant topic to write a blog on.

Other ideas sources are:

Analyze topics from the user’s point of view can help. You can think about their problems and how you can address them.

Conduct online surveys on the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google forms:

  • It is best to give MCQs.
  • When you don’t have the other possible options, leave a blank option for users to fill up.
  • You can go an applicable incentive like you’ll get an e-book free if you fill up a survey before this date.
  • Don’t confuse the users with double-sided questions. Yes/No questions are generally of no use. 



It’s time to wind up the article; let’s fast forward the picture from start to finish. Indeed, blogs have become part and parcel of our lives. The reason is simple! It gives you a human touch.

So, blog ideas are not a big deal. A little brainstorming and exploring the internet is more than enough.

  • Keep idea notes will helo you collect ideas from all the moments of your life.
  • The web is full of content; you can always add value to it to benefit readers.
  • Take the help of online courses, books, and customers to equip you with ideas better.

If you have more ideas for adding to the above list, mention them in the comments section.

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