Top Business Ideas To Start A Profitable Business in Nigeria

Many businesses were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria, but 26.5 percent of Nigerian businesses have reopened since January 2021.

Even though this may seem like a small percentage, there are still many untapped business opportunities you can use in Nigeria.

How do you set up a Nigerian business? This article will teach you the key Untapped business in Nigeria as well as the skills required to start and grow a profitable business in Nigeria.

Nigeria is currently the largest economy in Africa. Nigeria is located in the West African region. Its coast lies in the South, on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. It includes 36 states as well as the Federal Capital Territory. This is where Abuja, the capital, is located. 800km of coastline gives the country the potential for maritime power. 

Nigeria has a lot of land for commercial, industrial and agricultural activities. You can get a lot of business ideas in Nigeria by surfing the business sites. Nigeria is often called the “Giant of Africa” because of its large population, economy, and high quality of life.

1- Leasing of Equipment and Support for Agriculture

Nigerian farmers are interested in more automated farming. The government encourages commercial farming and many farmers want to make their farms more tech-driven. Local farmers can lease equipment for farming.

Farmers can be supported by you providing high quality fertilizer, seeds and herbicides as well as mystical agriculture growth accelerator techniques.

2- Start a SoyBean Processing Business in Nigeria

A very profitable business idea for agriculture is to process commercially soya beans to produce milk, soy sauce, soybean oils, natto and other products. This requires a modest capital investment. An entrepreneur can begin soybean farming on a small scale by creating a marketing strategy.

The process of soybean processing includes a number of steps that produce commodities for industrial, food and animal feed purposes. As Nigeria has a huge demand for beans, you can set up a small processing plant.

3- Poultry farming

Poultry farming can be a viable business idea in any country, even Nigeria. This involves raising domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys and ducks for their final product. They can be sold as meat or eggs and used for food. Poultry is a very successful business in Nigeria. Investors can be attracted to your business if you manage it well and succeed.

4- Digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing that takes place in digital media. This is one of Nigeria’s most popular business ideas. Digital marketing is different from regular marketing which reaches people through calls and meetings. Instead, it uses social media and other online channels. This combines SEO, content, emails, as well as many other skills to create large online prints for businesses.

It is easier to start a business if you are proficient in digital marketing. You can still learn the basics and work with SMEs to start your business. Every business requires digital marketing skills, but cannot afford to outsource. Profit from this opportunity and make a decent income today.

5- Importation of used clothing

Boutiques sell designer clothes that everyone wants, but can’t afford to buy, especially in Nigeria. Most people are poor and prefer to shop for “Okrika”, or fair-used clothes. This business opportunity is huge and can be incorporated in as many other competitors as possible.

Importing decently used clothing can make you a major supplier to Okrika markets. This market is open to all classes, including the middle class, the average person, and the wealthy. Start small, expand.

6- Car washing

One of the many businesses that can bring in a steady income is the car washing business. You can open a shop and purchase all the tools you need. Depending on your time and availability, you can either hire attendants or manage it yourself. You can make a strategic move to a location with high traffic. This will increase your chances of making a good income.

7- Transport business

Everybody goes to work, or to their place of business or to transport goods. Everyone moves because it is a fundamental characteristic of all living things. You can fulfill this basic need with a fleet of vehicles, or one vehicle, and you get paid. Transport is a great business because it has enough space for everyone.

8- Fish Farming 

A lucrative investment, the commercial fish farming business can make money throughout the year. This business can be started with a modest capital investment by entrepreneurs who use modern techniques.

A fish hatchery is an area for artificial breeding, hatching and rearing finfish and shellfish at the very beginning of their lives. The hatchery produces larval and juvenile fish for aquaculture, where they can be transferred to other on-growing systems.

9- Fashion Designer and Tailoring

Sewing a single cloth can make you thousands of dollars if you are skilled in your trade with the right clients. Start by getting a contract to sew uniforms for schools. You could also be sewing for other events. Your work will speak for itself if you are a skilled fashion designer with a solid business model.


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