Top 6 Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Consultant In Bardon, Queensland

Buying or selling a house is not an easy thing to do. You need an excellent real estate agent to take care of all the legal processes and paperwork required. However, not all the agents are qualified and certified enough to carry out their job correctly. A good real estate consultant in Bardon, Queensland must have good PR skills, networking, license, many years of experience and listing on the market, is trustworthy, tech-savvy, and intelligent. So, first, let’s take a look at six qualities that you must consider before hiring a realtor like Pen Rose Real Estate efficient and trustworthy:

#1. Has the right expertise and the skills

A good realtor must have the required skills and expertise relevant to the industry. You can gage if the real estate agent is seasoned or not by asking industry-specific questions, such as:

Enquire about the agent’s license number. This will help you determine whether the realtor you are dealing with is professional, certified, trained or not. The agent should be ready to produce the license for you, and if that’s not the case, you should look for another one. 

  • How long do agent’s listings sit on the market?

Agent’s listing on the market is yet another critical consideration to make. If their listing’s average days are seemingly high compared to the other realtors, then ask for a valid explanation. Ask them questions like:

  • How many years of experience do they have?

Posing this question will give you insights into the industry knowledge and skills the agent brings along. Seasoned real estate agents are thorough with the prevailing market trends and are well aware of interior design and architectural know-how. If they recommend you the energy-efficient home features, then that reflects how much they invest in researching. 

  • What’s the ratio between buyers and sellers the agent represents? 

If your agent has a history of more buyers than sellers, the agent may not have the required skills and experience to strike the best deal for you. Therefore, it’s essential to ascertain the number of sales deals the agent has made if you want to sell your property.

  • How do they negotiate?

Good negotiation skills are critical to becoming a realtor as a considerable chunk of real estate dealings is all about negotiating selling price, listing price, and commission. 

#2. Has Knowledge About The Local Housing Market

The seasoned real estate agents know the best property for you, considering your need for a good neighborhood, nearby amenities, and your budget. Additionally, they are well aware of the local market and housing schemes, so it is worth going with a good realtor.

#3. Good PR Skills

The other quality that a good realtor should have is good PR skills. Agents with good PR skills and networking share a good rapport with their clients. They understand their clients needs well and can live up to their expectations. 

#4. Trustworthy

Finding a trustworthy agent is a bit challenging but not impossible. If the agent shares market conditions and current real estate prices transparently and makes extra efforts to look for a property that matches all your requirements, then the agent is worth trusting.

#5. Smart

The agent should be smart enough to get you the desired property within your budget with all the amenities when it comes to buying and a higher value if you are selling your property. An agent who’s spent years in this industry can get the best deal struck for you.

#6. Tech-Savvy

Given the current scenario, a good realtor should be a tech pro. They should have to know how to operate the internet and gadgets. Conduct virtual real estate tours, video conferencing, updating the website, and managing communication on various virtual platforms.

Bottom Line

To sum up, an excellent real estate agent possesses good PR skills, networking, license, many years of experience and listing on the market, is trustworthy, tech-savvy, and intelligent. Keeping this in mind, you can find an agent who can meet all your requirements.

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