Top 6 Most Dangerous US Cities to Drive In

With increased traffic and outdated roads, several cities across the United States have become incredibly dangerous to drive in. Whether it’s drivers distracted by smartphones, high DUI rates, or frequent and confusing construction, many communities find it nearly impossible to curb accidents and fatalities. 

Though you can’t change the habits of drivers around you, understanding the laws and knowing what to expect on dangerous roadways can help prevent accidents. So, read on to learn about six of the most dangerous US cities to drive in and how to stay safe if you find yourself in the center of a high-ranking location. 

New Orleans, LA

Whether you’re visiting for Mardi Gras or relocating to this diverse city, New Orleans may prove challenging to navigate by car. Unfortunately, New Oleans’ drivers frequently disregard traffic rules and engage in reckless driving, often neglecting seatbelts and license renewal dates.  

Because many drivers are uninsured, accidents can become financial and medical disasters. If you’ve been in an accident due to these problems and more, you should hire a New Orleans auto accident attorney to ensure you and your finances stay in tip-top shape. 

Houston, TX

Houston is another dangerous US city for those taking to the roadways. Most issues revolve around congestion, with many Houstonians driving lengthy commutes on packed highways, resulting in impatient drivers and multi-car pile-ups. 

Sadly, drivers often become tired, aggressive, and negligent while driving on some of the busiest freeways in the nation. Additionally, the highways around Houston have fast speed limits, and many slow-moving trucks disrupt the flow of traffic. 

Los Angeles, CA

Whether you live in the golden state or simply visit from time to time, you likely know of the less-than-drivable roads in and around Los Angeles. Unfortunately, many roadways in Southern California are in terrible conditions, resulting in swerving vehicles and abrupt stops due to potholes and faded lines.

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is another city with an overwhelming amount of commuters with lengthy drives to and from work. The roads around Charm City can quickly become packed, and drivers tend to brake hard more often than in other cities. 

Detroit, MI

Michigan is known for having two seasons: winter and road construction. As the birthplace of the automobile, people in the Motor City still rely on cars to get from point A to point B. 

However, the highways are curvy, and the on-ramps are short, so drivers often brake hard in areas with low visibility. With slippery conditions in the winter and lane shutdowns in the summer, it’s easy to see why accidents are commonplace in Detroit. 

Chicago, IL

Chicago is another city with jam-packed highways and drivers with long commutes. Despite its robust public transportation system, Chicago highways always seem to overflow with traffic. 

Like other Midwest cities, road construction creates problems when the weather is warm, and slippery roads wreak havoc when the snow flies. With so many highways converging in various places around the city, drivers tend to change lanes at the last minute and cause others to brake hard. 

Wrap up

If you’re heading out on the great open road in one of these dangerous driving cities, make sure you’re prepared for potential threats. Know your route, practice safe driving, and keep a safe distance from other drivers. That way, you can bypass roadway accidents and make it to your destination problem-free. 

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