Defensive Driving School – A Perfect Place To Learn About The Speed Limits To Follow

Speeding is one of the main factors that lead to road crashes and accidents. The majority of the drivers have no clue about the actual effect speeding can have if something goes wrong. For this reason, all the speed limits are calculated to signify the fastest conceivable speed an individual can take up to safely drive within a particular area or location.

The speed limits are determined by driving professionals, topography experts and engineers to lessen the chances of collisions and accidents from driving off-road. But taking up the Defensive Driving Training Perth from the Defensive Driving School can also help you learn more about the speed limits and how much speed you should maintain when you hit the roads. 

The Speed Limit You Should Follow While Driving

In Australia, especially in Western Australia, the highest speed zone is 110 km/hr. All experienced and professional drivers are advised to drive within the posted speed limits. But for all the provisional and amateur drivers, some restrictions apply. Look below!

  • P-Plate Speed Limit: For all the provisional drivers out there, the experts from the defensive driving school suggests that the P Plate or maximum speed limit should be within 100 km/hr. On the other hand, provisional drivers are not permitted to drive from 12 am to 5 am for the first 6 months of holding a driver’s permit.
  • L-Plate Speed Limit: The beginners or amateur drivers must follow the L Plate or maximum speed limit of 100 km/hr. 

Learning About Speed Limits Through Defensive Driving Courses

The defensive driving course Perth is one of the best courses that will help you learn and understand speed limits. The course is also designed for individuals who wish to improve their driving skills and become better drivers. 

  • The course will educate you about the different speed limit restrictions and rules that a professional and amateur driver needs to follow while driving. Some of the best driving instructor Perth teach the defensive driving course, who are well-versed in this area.
  • Their tips and advice will surely help you learn more about speed limits so that you can avoid unwanted vehicle accidents and heavy fines. 

The Three Kinds Of Speed Limits In Australia

There are three kinds of speed limits that you will learn in detail through the driving lessons Perth, and they are mentioned below. Take a look!

  1. Basic: Under the basic category, the driver appraiser will believe that you were driving at an unsafe speed. A hazardous situation takes place when you drive either pretty fast or very slow on the roads. For such reasons, the driver appraiser needs to prove that your driving speed was unsafe, and they can easily prove it by checking out cameras and speed check posts. 
  2. Absolute: This particular speed limit can be found on signboards when you pass through the roads. You will also find this particular speed limit mentioned in many places and streets, especially around the areas where schools are located.
  3. Presumed: Here, the driver evaluator will assume that you are driving at a speed over the required speed limit. Considering the situation around you, if the driver evaluator feels that you are slower or faster while driving, he will immediately charge you by providing you with a speeding ticket. But if you feel that you have been imputed wrongly, you can take legal help.

The Benefits Of Enrolling Into Defensive Driving Courses

Taking up the defensive driving lesson will teach you a lot about driving. Apart from that, you will realize many benefits once you enrol on this particular course. These benefits are:

  1. Maximum Protection: Taking up the defensive training from the well-known Aventus Driving School in Perth will help you receive maximum protection. You will learn about the various dangers and accidents that occur due to rash driving and how to avoid them so that you don’t get injured. It’s guaranteed that through this course, you will learn a lot about safe driving. 
  2. Accident-Free Techniques: You will learn about accident-free and safe techniques to use to avoid the most difficult situations on road. Whether you are driving at night time or on the highway, it’s guaranteed that you will drive safely when you use these techniques properly. The most significant benefit of the defensive driving technique is to learn how to recognize potential dangers and unwanted collisions before it is late. 
  3. Save On Insurance Cost: When you make violations and face accidents, it can be a massive issue because it can result in an eventual loss of your insurance. But through defensive driving training, you can easily save your insurance cost in a hassle-free manner. 
  4. Magnify Your Driving Skills: The defensive course will not just teach you about the speed limits and how to avoid accidents, but the course will also help you become a better driver by enhancing your driving skills. The professional instructors will teach you about the various traffic rules and regulations you have to follow while driving. When you follow these rules properly, you can instantly improve your driving skills and drive safely. 
  5. There Will Be No Violation Charges: When you take up the defensive course, you can easily avoid violation charges without any problem. Apart from that, there will also be no fine or points deductions.
  6. Low Maintenance Costs: Gaining proper knowledge through the defensive driving course will lower down the maintenance of your vehicle. In other words, through this driving lesson Perth, you will get the chance to learn about the various good driving habits that will help you keep your vehicle away from accidents and collisions. When there are no accidents, no repairs will be required, and you can save a lot of funds. 

Final Thoughts

Speeding is not a good thing when it comes to driving. You must always follow the speed limit, which the government wants you to follow. Otherwise, you might end up getting fined. Through the defensive driving courses, you will learn about the various speed limits and how you can maintain them while driving.

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