Trending Scammer Website That Doesn’t Care About Customers! is a scammer website that has bad policies and doesn’t care about its customers! The site owners are dishonest, greedy people who will do anything to make an extra buck. They don’t give refunds on items if they’re not satisfied with them. This article exposes Toolshunter’s dirty secrets!

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Fake Refund Policy claims to have a money back guarantee policy, but this is just an empty promise that the site owners will never honor. Customer’s are not refunded and they give fake excuses. The following are some of our customers’ experiences with getting their refunds…

I purchased tools from them including JARVIS AI, AHREFs, Grammerly Pro. However, after sometime they suspended my account with excuse “You have used this account on more then 3 IPs” . Like seriously? IPs can be changed specially dynamic IPs. This is a misleading and fake excuse to charge more. I’m writing this article so that you can be saved from these fake people. EmailChecks Medium Report.

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