The Harmful Effects of Too Much Screen Time for Kids

Too Much Screen Time for Kids is the most complained about video games for children, with more complaints coming from adults who are tired of their children spending so much time in front of the television. When parents are aware of this problem and act accordingly, the kids are usually thrilled, and they have more time to spend with their kids and do what they enjoy. Parents can find relief in finding a way to record their children’s games and playtime and then make a playlist for the next day or week. Once the list is made, it is often easier to go through and remove the games that are too active and time-consuming and move on to playing age-appropriate games that the child can play without constantly complaining that it is too much video game playing.

Having a recordable list means that the parent will always know how much time is being spent in front of the television so that when it comes time to decide whether to get the kids something else to play with. When deciding how much time a child should spend in front of the television, you must consider any possible disadvantages from allowing your kids to have too much video game playtime. Most of the time, games that are too active will cause coordination problems or hand/eye coordination problems, resulting in injury to a child. Also, too much screen time can lead to eyestrain and other potential problems. Parents need to remember that a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet are responsible for several health problems for kids, and less video gameplay may help reduce those problems. Most of the kids complain of neck and shoulder pains after spending too much time on screen. In such cases, the parents can introduce the wedge pillows to the kids. The surface of a wedge pillow is bouncy and provides support to the neck and spine.

How Harmful Too Much Screen Time Is For The Kids

There is a big debate online about whether or not children should be allowed to play on computers and TV screens too much. Many parents are concerned that their kids spend too much time glued to a computer or playing video games. Some moms get so frustrated with the amount of time spent on these electronic devices that they get some kids arrested for wasting school hours in front of these electronic screens. There is no doubt that technology has helped make our lives easier and more convenient. However, there is a bright side to these technologies as well.

Too Much Screen Time for Kids
  • The biggest problem that adults have when dealing with children is keeping their attention. Adults can easily become distracted by watching television shows, movies, or playing video games. Not only can adults become too much of a distraction for their children, but children can become too glued to these electronic gadgets as well. If parents start giving their kids too much computer time, it might spark their curiosity to try out these things for themselves. Once they try them out on their own, they might find that the things that were once only available to their parents can be enjoyed by themselves.
  • A second reason parents should monitor how much time their children spend on electronic devices is that it will affect their mental development. It is now known that children who are constantly exposed to technology are more likely to fail in school. It has been proven that students who play many video games tend to do worse in school than those who don’t. So, not only is the child’s development stunted, but he may also become less socially adept. This could result in a lower score on the test and a higher rate of failure in exams.
  • Experts are concerned about the long-term effect of screen time on the eyesight of children. They know that a strong prescription for Ritalin, the most frequently given to ADHD children, can have long-term effects. The adverse effects of Ritalin include headaches, muscle tension, and even memory loss. It is believed that the prolonged use of prescription drugs for ADHD could eventually lead to blindness.

How Much Does Screen Time Affect Your Children

We don’t know the exact figures, but it is suspected that screen time may contribute to the increasing problem of obesity in America. Children who spend a lot of time on computers are far more likely to play video games, often high in fat and sugar. Excessive screen time also affects the way that kids understand the world around them. For example, suppose they spend so much reading comic books and watching television shows about fairy princesses. In that case, they fail to grasp how important real-life activities like getting a job and getting out of bed each morning are.

Is There Any Correlation Between Screen Time And Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

There’s a strong link between ADD and screen time. Children who spend more time watching TV and playing video games tend to have trouble paying attention in class. They tend to lack focus and, when they are in school, they score lower on tests because they can’t concentrate. In addition, children who have ADD/ADHD are twice as likely to have a child overweight or obese.

Screen Time for Kids

Many children find comfort and entertainment by playing computer games. But these games are not educational, and many computer games require players to pay close attention to what they are doing on screen. Research has shown that reading text on screen can be harder for people who suffer from sight disabilities. Screen time also interferes with natural REM sleep, which helps to promote a healthy baby and parent. Too much screen time can interfere with a child’s ability to get enough sleep. In such cases, along with limiting screen time, the parents should also change the existing mattress to a comfortable one and can store the existing one for future use. The parents must also take note of the do of storing a mattress online.


So, although watching too much television is bad for children, there are some benefits to video games and computer monitors. Parents should encourage their children to play games and monitor how much time they spend using the computer. This will help ensure that a child receives the educational benefit of playing video games and monitors without the distraction of screen time. In addition, parents should make sure that their child gets enough sleep.

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