Useful tips to create the best bot welcome message to boost users’ engagement

Creating a welcome message bot in your messenger works significantly to make a considerable first impression of your brand. Therefore, a welcome message bot is vital to your marketing strategy.

People see welcome messages when they use messenger to contact the business providers. These welcome messages are warm and friendly greetings and provide people with information to align them before offering any options and engage them in an interactive conversation.

You can create the best bot welcome message following the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. The welcome message should be warm and heartfelt as it is the first thing people see and it is the key to creating the first right impression of your brand.  

Tips to create a well crafted welcome message

The purpose of the welcome message is to engage the users from the beginning of the conversation, otherwise, if the welcome bot fails in boosting engagement, the user will soon close the window and leave. So here we have some great tips:

  • The language should be simple -Use language that is intelligible for everyone. The written language should be concise, clear, and readable and make sure they make an impact from the starting lines.
  • Use Emojis – Emojis in between the text adds a friendly tone to the conversation, making the customers feel comfortable while interacting with the bot.
  • Chatbots should never spam – Spamming can cause people to close the window even before they begin the conversation. Make sure that there should be gaps between questions and the statements made.
  • Option to unsubscribe should be available – Providing the close button or unsubscribe option in your menu is a good thing to do. If people are not given the option to opt-out, it will put them off easily and will make a bad impression about your brand or business.
  • Personalize your chatbot – give a name to your chatbots. You can either give a human name or something that represents your brand. Personalizing your bot will help in building a friendly bond with your users.
  • Add FAQs – Usually chatbots are programmed with every possible answer and the conversation tunnel. Even then, if customers ask more complicated questions then they should be transferred to a real sales rep to deal with it and save the customers from getting annoyed.

Elements to be included in the welcome message

Following are the elements if included in the welcome message ensure it makes a great first impression of your brand.

  • Introduction should be made effectively, so the customers should know who they are interacting with.
  • After your chatbot greets the customer, the conversation then should be promising and enticing with incentives that engage them in conversion with the chatbot long enough.
  • Set the chatbots to ask questions that are simple, easy and quick for the customers to respond to and that way makes the conversation go smooth and flowing. The chatbot after asking a question should encourage the customers to reply by sending interesting emojis along with the text.

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