Tips to Choosing the Right Disc for Frisbee Golf

Have you been getting into the frisbee golf game lately? Luckily for you, you have over 9,000 frisbee golf courses to choose from to test out your skills!

If you’re new to the game but want to make sure you have the best type of frisbee golf discs to play, then you should keep reading! In this article, we’ll cover all of the tips for choosing the best frisbee for you.

What Are the Different Types of Discs?

There are various discs that you may need to purchase if you become serious about the game.

One disc is the maximum distance driver. This disc is best for longer parts of a course to get the most distance you can get. However, it can take some practice to make sure you actually get that distance.

Many beginners do not have the control and proper form to get the maximum distance out of this disc.

Fairway drivers are another type of frisbee golf disc. These are typically easier to control, although they usually do not go as far. These discs are great as a starting point because they can help you learn to control and proper throwing stance before moving up to the maximum distance driver.

Check out the latitude 64 grace for a perfect in-between disc.

Then, there are the putters. Much like in golf, these discs are meant for maximum control and much shorter distances. These are meant for precision shots.

Different Plastic Types

Not only are there different discs for length and speed, but there are also different types of plastic to achieve different results.

Depending on the weather, the flexibility of the disc that you want, and the consistency, different plastics will give you different things.

For instance, DX discs are more affordable but not as durable. Champion discs are more sturdy and extremely durable.

Disc Weight

There are also different types of weights for the frisbee golf discs.

Ultralight discs are typically around 120 grams, whereas your maximum distance drivers and putters tend to fall around 160-175 grams.

The weight of the disc affects its distance, but it also affects the stability of the frisbee in flight.

Choosing a Color

While the color of the disc is probably not going to affect how you throw it or how well it flies, it will affect your ability to see it when it lands.

If you play in an area that is mostly green, choosing a pink or red one may be the way to go to make sure it stands out. The same goes for other locations as well.Depending on the weather, the flexibility of the disc that you want, and the consistency, different plastics will give you different things.

Choosing the Right Frisbee Disc

If you are planning to stick around playing frisbee golf for a while, you want to make sure you have the best disc out there. Knowing what kinds of discs are out there, the weight and different types of plastic do will help you choose one that fits your needs.

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